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holiday marketing small business

Tap Into the Power of Events and Holidays In Your Marketing

Sure every small business owner on Main Street and beyond knows that tapping into the shopping “season” that starts in November and leads up to Christmas is a no brainer, and is something you’ve

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photos for marketing strategy

Use Photographs In Your Marketing Strategy

Are you a small business owner looking for a marketing strategy that will help you build ongoing relationships with your customers, clients, and patients? Would your brick and mortar location like to

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small biz marketing ideas for spring

Small Biz Marketing Ideas For Spring

Seems that when the weather’s cold, so too goes marketing – and sales. If you want to heat up sales, it’s time to come out of hibernation. I love creating marketing campaigns that revolve

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outsource social media management

Is It Time To Outsource Your Social Media Management?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat . . . . and about a hundred more. Does social media make your head spin? Is it time to outsource your social media? via GIPHY The small business owners

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social media marketing strategies for small business

Social Media: How Small Business Can Get Results Without Getting Overwhelmed

Is your small business struggling to figure out of how to effectively use social media? Would you like to know what your fellow small business owners are doing to manage their social media efforts? Social

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top 10 low cost ways to promote your business

Top 10 No – Or Low-Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Do you have an unlimited marketing budget to promote your business?               Yeh, didn’t think so. Need some marketing solutions you can implement today on

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small business using twitter

Small Businesses That “Get” Twitter

Does your small business use Twitter? 140 characters – it’s not a lot of space to get your message out to the world. Most small businesses who come to me for social media help are doing it

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does social media work for small business

Think Social Media Doesn’t Work? You Just May Be Right

Do you feel that social media doesn’t work in your small business? Is social media working in any small business? Here’s how we used to “use social media” to make friends:                   Social

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