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D-O-N-E Marketing Method™

D-O-N-E Marketing™ That Grows Your Small Business

We invented the D-O-N-E Marketing Method™ that is guaranteed to grow your business to new levels.  So you ask what is D-O-N-E Marketing™?  Great question ... it's simple and that is what makes it so great...

D-O-N-E Marketing

What is the D-O-N-E Marketing Method™


Do Your Marketing -  Let's face it - as a small business owner getting your marketing done is a daunting task.  After all you've got a business to run, right? Sure, there's plenty of marketing tips and tricks out there these days. But here's the thing . . . . if you're not marketing, you're not growing. It's about ACTION . . . getting the marketing done consistently. The Small Biz Marketing Specialist is your marketing team who will DO your marketing everyday


On Time -  Timing is critical when it comes to marketing.  A marketing campaign that is delivered after a critical date such as a special holiday, or after a product launch probably is not going to do your marketing much justice.  Neither is marketing that is based on "throwing spaghetti at the wall" and seeing what sticks. The Small Biz Marketing Specialist will build a marketing plan so it's clear what's being done when, by whom, and important deadlines. You can rest assured not only is your marketing getting done, but it's getting one on time. 


No Excuses -  You will not hear any excuses from us when it comes to your marketing. We know how critical it is to the success of your business. We would not be where we are today with executing on our own marketing.  This is what makes us unique, we are in the trenches just like you implementing our own marketing strategies and techniques for our own businesses, and then giving and only implementing the best-of-the-best for you based on your unique marketing plan. We are so confident in your success from using our services we offer a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on our services.  


Extreme Results -  Yes, you will get extreme results when you work with the Small Biz Marketing Specialist, but we're not gonna lie and make false promises like the other guys do. Marketing is a process . . .  it takes time. We need to find the perfect market niche, test different messages and media, and plan out the timing of all of your campaigns. It can take as much as six months before things start kicking into high gear where your traffic, leads and money start flowing in. When we start working with you, we'll map out a plan that will achieve your goals based on your timeframe and budget.

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