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About The Small Biz Marketing Specialist

Small Business Stacey“Small Business Stacey” is a marketing expert on a mission to “Save Small Business and Rebuild Main Street”.

No small feat for sure!

Stacey knows that one thing – and one thing only – will accomplish that mission: MARKETING

Stacey knows first hand what great marketing can accomplish. She has won numerous awards through her career for her marketing efforts. But not all days in her marketing world were bright, sunny and profitable. In her coffee and smoothie business, which she still runs today, at one point she was $500K in debt and about to lose it all – her house, her family, her sanity. She harnessed her marketing prowess to tap into the power of using daily deal sites like Groupon, which was a key strategy that took her business from $500K in debt to a 7-figure profitable business.

She created the Daily Deals for Massive Profits Training Program to teach small and local business owners how they can skyrocket their business growth and get massive profits from using daily deal sites like Groupon. Small business owners cheered at their transformations but wanted more marketing support. So Stacey introduced the Silver Platter Marketing Membership where small business owners can get a ready-to-implement marketing campaign sent them every month. No more excuses of “no time”, “no expertise”, “no budget”. Now small business owners can say MARKETING DONE!

When Stacey’s not busy saving the small business world with marketing, she loves spending time with her family, eating chocolate (who doesn’t!) and sipping red wine.



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