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Alignable – The Social Network for Small Businesses

“Small Business Stacey” discusses why word-of-mouth marketing is very powerful, especially when it comes to local marketing. In this podcast, learn about Alignable – the online social media platform

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Free Image, Audio and Video Creation Tools for Marketing and Content Creation

On this show “Digital Dave” spends a few minutes talking about the future of Digital Marketing and some of the risks of putting all your marketing eggs in one basket. “Digital Dave” then shares

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Mobile Marketing Leads This Beauty Boutique To Open Brick And Mortar

In this episode of Small Business Success Interviews, “Small Business Stacey” goes on the road to interview Courtney Jackson from CJ Kollective to learn how this small retailer is literally crushing

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Business Card Holder – A Simple, Effective and Inexpensive Marketing Strategy

Wow! Sometimes you just need someone to pinch you to wake you up that marketing does not all need to be done online, even these days. In this episode, “Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave”

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Holiday Marketing Strategies

Holiday Marketing For Every Day of the Year

There’s a holiday – usually more than one – for every day of the year that you can tap into for your small business marketing. Find out from “Small Business Stacey” where to find

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personalized mailings

The Power of Personalized Mailings

Want to learn how some people are crushing it with their marketing – bringing in new and repeat customers using personalized hard mailings? Listen to this interview with “Small Business Stacey”

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what is niche marketing

What is Niche Marketing?

“Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave” discuss what is Niche Marketing and why it is so critical to marketing success for small businesses today. They will share real life examples of Niche

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What Can A Small Retailer Do For Marketing In an Amazon Age – Interview with Jodi Rapaport of My Big Finds

In this show ”Small Business Stacey” interviews the owner of My Big Finds, Jodi Rapaport, who has a very unique antique style retail establishment. In today’s age of Amazon and tough online competition, what

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document management for small business

How to Manage, Store and Backup Your Documents in the Cloud

In this episode “Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave” layout a simple plan for getting rid of that stack of papers on your desk, learning about document management, versioning

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Digital Business Card – An Incredible Marketing Strategy

In this episode of Where Marketing Meets Technology, “Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave” discuss a very simple, inexpensive, but amazing marketing strategy that will help

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