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The ABC's of Social Media

The ABC’s of Social Media

The ABC’s of Social Media

You know there is a right way and a wrong way to implement Social Media Marketing in your business.  “Small Business Stacey” lays out the simple ABC’s to follow when implementing your social media strategy#MarketingInTwoMinutesOrLess  #ASmallBizLife

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Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: The ABC’s of Social Media

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Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey. Social media, that necessary evil. Hey, I’m going to break it down for you today, because social media marketing really is easy. It’s as simple as A, B, C. Let’s get right into it.

  • A is for avatar. In my book, Small Business Marketing Made EZ, you know that the A in the ACTION Marketing System is about your marketing avatar, knowing your WHO. Well, this applies to social media as well. Look, if you’re focusing on reaching some corporate exec or an HR manager at a large company, you’re probably not going to reach them by spending your time on TikTok. So when it comes to social media, you want to one, know your avatar. Then two, you’ll know what platform to use, because that’s where they hang out and that’s where you’ll reach them.
  • B is for boring. And you know what? Don’t do it. Don’t be boring when it comes to social media. Nobody cares what you’re eating, what you’re drinking and maybe even who you’re sleeping with. But you know what? Don’t be boring when it comes to social media. Use lots of different types of content, memes, images, questions, polls and even video. Especially, video. See the thing is all these social media platforms now, they are rewarding content that is engaging, not necessarily that people like, but that is engaging. You can’t be boring, if you want engaging content.
  • C is for communicate. Social media is a platform that provides you a way to communicate. The question I’m always asked is, “Well, how much and how often?” Look, if you’re just getting started, I would say at least one time a day. As you start growing your base and your postings, look at your insights. Your analytics will tell you when, where and how people are engaging with your posts. Then you’ll know how to maximize the results that you’re getting.

Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They’re keeping up with their friends and family, but they’re also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They’re connecting with the audience that they want to connect to. It’s almost a disadvantage if you’re not on it now.

Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder and CEO of Facebook 

Now, a few other Cs that I have that fall under communicate.

  1. One is care. You want to show the love. Don’t just post stuff to post stuff. Show that you care. Give people tips, leave comments, engage with other people’s content. Don’t just be selfish, and be a taker, right? You have to give back. Help other people, comment on their posts, share it. It’s social media, it’s just about that, being social.
  2. The next C is to comment. As I’ve shared in previous videos, there is now the death of the Like button. Facebook and Instagram don’t care about how many likes you have. They’re only rewarding content based on engagement. So you want people to comment, to engage, to share your social media posts, because when you do that tells the platform, “Hmm, people like this kind of content. I’m going to push it up higher in the feed.”
  3. The other C that’s the most important, is your calendar, your content calendar. If you create a content calendar so that you know what to post that ties in with your theme, it really makes doing your social media so much easier. Look, I’m going to hand it to you on a silver platter. I’ve created a social media content calendar that you can download for free right now. It literally has all the different social media posts, the holidays, the hashtags, that you can leverage to bring in more business. Just go to You can download this calendar and start getting your social media into action.
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