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[Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less]: Demonstrate and Sell

Want to sell more of your products and services? Here’s a strategy to help you do that: A steam iron. What does that have to do with marketing? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about

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[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: Just Say “NO” – A Great Marketing Strategy

Two letters that scare small business owners – N – O. Whether it’s from prospects, customers, or clients, every small business owner I talk to doesn’t like that word. But it’s

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[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: How To Put More Money In Your Pocket Today

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to make more money? Would you like to know the best strategy to put more money in your pocket today? Watch this video to see how you can skyrocket your profits

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Does Your Business Have A Long Line of Customers?

A long line of customers . . . . that means people are waiting . . . . is this good or bad for your business? Click to watch the video below to find out.  

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Marketing In Two Minutes Or Less: The Power of Zero

When you think of the number zero, you’re probably thinking it’s not a very powerful number. Watch this video to see why zero is the most powerful number a small business owner should know

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Small Business Marketing Lessons From San Diego Marina

Hi everyone! This week I’m at the Dream Business Academy putting the pieces in place to build my dream business. Hope you’re working on yours too! Shot a quick video to share a lesson that

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