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The Power Of The P.S.

Remember when people wrote letters by hand and sent them through the postal service? I sure do. As a matter of fact, I used to love getting letters from friends I made at summer camp or my grandmother

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Your “About Me” Page Is NOT About You

Does your website have an “About Me” section? Most small business sites do. It’s probably THE MOST IMPORTANT page on your site. I recommend every small business have a customer and client-friendly

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Disney-fy Your Small Business

Have you noticed there’s a decline in customer and client service today in America? via GIPHY Some times it’s a gradual, seemingly harmless decline that’s not easily noticed, but it

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[Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less]: Demonstrate and Sell

Want to sell more of your products and services? Here’s a strategy to help you do that: A steam iron. What does that have to do with marketing? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about

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how to get more people to open email

How To Get MORE People To Read Your Emails

I’m hearing a lot of small business owners talk about how their email open rates are plummeting recently… Which got me thinking that maybe yours are too… and I want to help! I remember

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how to get more customers

How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

I got a question from a small business owner this week. It’s a question I’m asked a lot. Molly, the owner of Molly’s Cupcakes writes, “Stacey, I’m exhausted, frustrated and

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Content Marketing: Why You Must Diversify

Does your small business have a content marketing strategy? Does that content marketing strategy include multiple mediums? Content marketing is changing everything. Until just a few year ago, this marketing

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[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: Just Say “NO” – A Great Marketing Strategy

Two letters that scare small business owners – N – O. Whether it’s from prospects, customers, or clients, every small business owner I talk to doesn’t like that word. But it’s

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reputation management for small business

8 Retail Review Sites You Can’t Afford To Ignore

This article first appeared in SMB Retail Technology News: According to Marketing Land, a full 90 percent of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Online reviews have major

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small business using twitter

Small Businesses That “Get” Twitter

Does your small business use Twitter? 140 characters – it’s not a lot of space to get your message out to the world. Most small businesses who come to me for social media help are doing it

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