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get more referrals

Referrals: The Easiest Marketing Strategy To Put More Money In Your Pocket

You’re a smart business owner. You know that you’ve got to do marketing to get customers in the door. Marketing will make or break the success of your small business. But if you want to get

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Does Your Business Have A Long Line of Customers?

A long line of customers . . . . that means people are waiting . . . . is this good or bad for your business? Click to watch the video below to find out.  

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The Marketing Strategy That Brings Repeat Business

Are you looking to have the customers or clients you already have come back again and spend more? I certainly hope so! All of the small business owners I speak to are always asking how they can get more

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Marketing In Two Minutes Or Less: The Power of Zero

When you think of the number zero, you’re probably thinking it’s not a very powerful number. Watch this video to see why zero is the most powerful number a small business owner should know

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father's day marketing ideas

Father’s Day: 8 Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Looking for ideas to boost revenues and profits this Father’s Day? Small business can get big results when they tap into the power of holiday marketing. Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19

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Small Business Marketing Lessons From San Diego Marina

Hi everyone! This week I’m at the Dream Business Academy putting the pieces in place to build my dream business. Hope you’re working on yours too! Shot a quick video to share a lesson that

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look at computer

Want A Website That Converts?

You spent a lot of time – and probably money – to put up a website that you want to bring in new customers and clients. In a previous article, I encouraged you to look at your website from

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Take A Look In The Mirror (Or At Least Your Computer Screen)

I bet you think your business is beautiful….on the web that is. Have you ever looked at your business in the mirror (actually on the computer screen) – FROM THE CUSTOMER’S POINT OF VIEW? You

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small business message

Is Your Small Business Delivering the Right Message?

“Enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.” -Robert Collier Do you know what conversation is going on in your prospects mind? Most small business owners don’t. They’re

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marketing mindset

Do You Have The Right Marketing Mindset?

What business are you in? I ask small business owners this question a lot and I always get the same answer. If I’m asking a plumber, they’ll say “I started my own plumbing company because

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