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Holiday Marketing Strategies

Holiday Marketing For Every Day of the Year

There’s a holiday – usually more than one – for every day of the year that you can tap into for your small business marketing. Find out from “Small Business Stacey” where to find all these unique and fun holidays that you can tie into your marketing plan. Learn how a small local pizza shop used National Pi Day to skyrocket their sales.

Episode Transcript:

How do you get customers to line up around the block to buy what you sell? Did you know that there’s a holiday for every day of the year? Now, most small business owners, when they’re thinking of doing holiday marketing, they think of the typical holidays, like Easter, July 4th, and Christmas. And those are great holidays. But if you really want to skyrocket your marketing, then you need to tie into some unique and bizarre holidays. And there’s a great website that I use called, where there is literally a holiday that you can tie into for every day of the year.

The site is called You can literally spend hours here. There is so much great information. So I want to share how I use this site for some of my marketing ideas to help you get some inspiration for your holiday marketing.

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When you go to, based on the date and/or the holiday, you’ll find some information. But it’s this left-hand navigation that really dives deep into some great holiday promotions. So, of course, if you click on major holidays, everybody seems to do the typical holiday marketing, New Year’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th. But I want to give you some ideas to make you stand out that are a little bit different.

Here, it shows the major holidays in 2017, broken out by month. Now, some of these are not like your typical holiday, like New Year’s Day. You can see on January 5th, there’s National Bird Day. Most people probably haven’t heard about this. So, let’s open up this link to see what National Bird Day is about. When you click on the link, you get a lot of information about this special holiday. Bird Day is always May 4th. National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5th. And it gives you some information about it.

So, if you are thinking about doing a marketing promotion that perhaps ties into birds, then this may be a great day to do it, to time your promotion to tie into this holiday.
This is a great way, by looking at the major holiday, to get a snapshot picture of what’s going on. Because as you plan your promotions, you’re going to want to think at least 30 days out so you have time to put your promotion together.

The next link I’m going to share with you. This is my absolute favorite. Bizarre and unique holidays. There is a holiday every single day of the year for things that you probably never even knew existed. For example, I’m going to click on August. You can see that there are monthly holidays, there are weekly holidays, and there are daily holidays. During the month of August, there’s things that Admit You’re Happy Month, it’s Family Fun Month. There’s International Clown Week. There’s National Catfish Month. This way, you have the whole month to tie your promotion into a holiday that’s going on.

There are weekly events. National Simplify Your Life Week. National Smile Week. For example, in my coffee and smoothie business, I may want to do a promotion the second week of National Smile Week to say that we guarantee smiles when we come out and do smoothie bar and shave ice bar catering, because it ties into the theme.

If we go down to the days. Oh my God, there’s something for everything. I’m always coming up with new ideas. So, for example, on August 4th, it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? So in my coffee and smoothie business, I could run a promotion where if they book a coffee or a smoothie bar, then we’re going to throw in platters of free chocolate chip cookies if they book their event on this day. So you can see how you can easily get great ideas here. And if you want more information on any of these holidays, then just open up the link and you’ll get more information about the holiday itself. And this is great information that you could tie into your social media, your email, your direct mail to bring the theme to life and explain why this holiday exists and why you’re tying your promotion into it.

The next link I want to share with you is birthday. I mean, everybody loves their own birthday, right? So, I know a lot of small business owners do some birthday marketing. But this site will give you even more inspiration because you could tie into the Flower of the Month, the birthstone. And I really like this area, where you can find famous birthdays. If we click on June, let’s see who’s famously born in June. You can see all the people who are quote-unquote famous, and you could send out a card, letting them know somebody was born on June 4th. Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th. So you could come up with some fun promotions based around birthdays.

You could come up with some fun ideas based on anniversaries. So if a customer or a client, perhaps you want to focus on retention and recognize their anniversary, whether it be a one month, three month, or one year anniversary, this site can give you great ideas, again, on how to tie in an anniversary theme, quote-unquote a holiday, into your marketing.

And they have a just for fun section, which has a lot of great links and resources for you. And then, this day in history, so let’s say we’re looking at something in June, so for example, on June 1st, the Superman comic is published. If you want to tie in a superhero theme, you could tie that in on June the 1st based around Superman.

So you can see, this site, I mean, it’s free, there’s tons of information in here. The key is to go through here and find some fun, unique holidays that you can tie your marketing into

Today I’m going to share with you a story of how a local pizza shop tied into one of these bizarre and unique holidays to literally skyrocket their sales. They had a line around the block with people eagerly waiting in 20 degrees to buy their pizza. How did they do it? They tied into the national holiday of National Pi Day. National P-I Day. 3.14. The mathematical constant we all grew up and learned about in school. So on March 14th, they sold their pizzas for $3.14. Did this pizza shop make money on the deal? Heck yeah! Not only did they make money on every pizza sold, the real money was made from the upgrades, by people buying additional toppings and getting a drink. But not only was this a monetary win for the pizza shop, they got huge brand recognition by people taking pictures and posting it on social media and tagging them.

This is a great example of how a small business can tie into a bizarre and unique holiday to really skyrocket sales and get brand awareness. This is “Small Business Stacey”, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist, on a mission to save small business and rebuild Main Street. I’m here to help your business grow to seven figures and more by helping you become a #SmallBiMarketingWiz.

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