A 10 Day Holiday Marketing Funnel That Will Deliver Gifts To Your Business | Small Biz Marketing Specialist
A 10 Day Holiday Marketing Funnel That Will Deliver Gifts To Your Business

A 10 Day Holiday Marketing Funnel That Will Deliver Gifts To Your Business

So the holidays are upon us again … are you looking to explode your holiday sales this year?  If so read on for Small Business Stacey’s 10 Day Holiday Marketing Funnel that will deliver presents to your business.  #WhereMarketingMeetTechnology

Episode Transcript

So what you’ll have in your handouts next is literally a 10-day plan of building out a holiday funnel.

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So this one has worked really well for my clients, and the idea is that instead of you deciding what you’re going to offer, it’s actually surveying your customers, clients or patients to get some input from them. 1o days before you are going to ask what would you guys like to see a deal on? What do you wish that you had for the holidays? It’s a good time to reach out, about 10 days before the holidays. Are any of you familiar with Ryan Levesque who wrote the book Ask?

It’s kind of based on that formula of just asking, right? If you ask your customers, clients and patients they’ll tell you what they want and then if they’re telling you, you just formulate what they want and they’ll buy it from you. That’s the idea behind it.

What is his name?

Ryan, R-Y-A-N, Levesque, L-E-V-E-S-Q-U-E.

Yeah, I think that’s right.

Yeah. It’s a great book.

I’ve heard of it, I’ve just never thought of picking it up.

Yeah, it’s a good book. Nice easy read.

Okay, thanks.

For example, if somebody were to come back and say, “Well gosh, we wish we had a black raspberry smoothie.” I’m simplifying this, right? You don’t want to really offer them a black raspberry smoothie. You want to make it into an experience, right? So you got to think of how can you package this into something that is so juicy and exciting, all right? So the way you do that, think about when you go shopping for a mattress. You don’t just want a mattress, right? You want a great night’s sleep. And if they’re throwing in the bedding and the pillows and this little thing you can prop your feet up on, it’s kind of interesting because it’s all those little things. You guys are all smiling, right? It’s those little think … you could care less about the mattress, right?

You forget about the mattress.

You want everything that goes along with it, right? So when you ask them what they want, think about what else can I package on that really makes it exciting? Okay? Then a few days before those who haven’t yet answered your survey, give them some kind of incentive because not everybody will answer on the first time. So you kind of want to send it out twice and give them an incentive for doing that little survey for you.

Just to like your house list?

Exactly. So five days before you’re going to… now you’ve come up with your irresistible offer, you’re going to kind of tease it out there, right? And you’re going to share little snippets about it like, “We have exciting things happening.” You might do a little video that gets pieced out there, like you’re in the back of your workshop working on something. And just create curiosity is what you’re trying to do. But you’re also making it seem exclusive, that it’s only for people who know about this special launch that’s coming out. Right? And so they’re going to stay tuned to learn more about it.

Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.

Kahlil Gibran 

Then three days before you got the sneak peek… so have any of you ever been through a real product launch?


So, same kind of thing, right? They’re sneaking it out, or the sideways sales letter that Jeff Walker does, right? So you get one video, then two videos, then three videos, and finally it’s launched. So, that’s kind of the idea behind this. And you’re getting them really excited and eager to learn more.

And then two days before, you’re telling them what they really need to know. Like, when is this going live. How can they pay? Are their return or refund? The FAQs basically, right? What do they need to know? Do you have to have a certain tool or technology? How do I use it? So that they can be sure that when this thing goes live, they’re ready to buy it.

And then one day before, I’ve had really good success using the three line email, because nobody wants to read really long emails. So you just say, “Boom! The sale is starting soon. Two, get ready, we’re going live tomorrow.” And then also it’s important to let them know the time zones, because when you’re dealing with people across the country, if you say we’re going live at two o’clock, well, two o’clock… Right, right. Right.

That’s right, which time zone you’re from?

Right. So be aware of that.


So now you’ve launched, you’re live. This is assuming that it’s the day before Thanksgiving or your year end holiday, you send out an email saying we’re live. You put it on social, you have all your clicks to action. You mentioned how much they’re going to save. It’s a very simple template to follow.

Then the second day after, you’re wishing them a Happy Holiday because now it’s the Thanksgiving/Christmas, etc. Day and focusing on their family that you don’t really want them playing there on the computer. “Go spend time with your family.”


I think that always is a nice gesture.

That’s a good idea.

The third day of your sale, say Black Friday, more bonuses and day four, possibly is Small Business Saturday. All right, here’s where I go off on my little bit of a rant. So my nickname is Small Business Stacey, and that’s because I’m really passionate about helping small business owners. I have a real problem with Small Business Saturday. Do you guys participate in that?

It’s like an event, right? Where there’s discounts to local businesses.

Sponsored by…


I did when they first started doing it, but then I just haven’t had time to…

Here’s my thing about Small Business Saturday. It’s one day a year.


The day after Black Friday.

That’s true.

Sponsored by American Express, the antithesis of small business.



For sure.

So I’m on a mission to have every Saturday be Small Business Saturday.

That’s a great idea.


Right. Because why should small business owners only have one day?

And like you said, the day after Black Friday when no one has any money.

Right. They’ve already spent their money. Right. So think about, I mean if it’s appropriate, leverage the power of Small Business Saturday because people do know about it and you can tap into it. But also think about how you could do something to make every day or a certain day, your day, your holiday, where you own it, whether it’s one day a year or all the time.

It’s really 15 days since you are surveying 10 days before launch, but the marketing is done from day 5 before launch to day 5 after launch. This is truly a very effective holiday marketing strategy. So, that’s it.

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