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Do Quizzes Really Work?

Do Quizzes Really Work?

You’ve been eagerly awaiting the results . . . do quizzes really work? “Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave” share the results and what they learned.

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey here with Digital Dave. Hey, 30 days ago we asked a question, “Does this marketing work?” And we were talking about quizzes. Dave do you think quizzes work?

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I have to say they really, really, really work. I actually took our quiz and failed miserably again. I’m really not good at them, but they do work. It engaged me and it actually got me involved.

Alright well, what we did was we used this in our business, Small Biz Marketing Specialist, we put together a quiz called What Kind of Marketing Should I Do and it was targeted to small business owners, because this is actually the biggest question we always get asked right? What kind of marketing should I do?

So we put together a quiz and over the last 30 days, we posted that out in different mediums. We did social media and we put it on the blog post and we wanted to see what the results were. Well here we are.

Did we run some ads?

We did. We ran some ads. We did.

Do Quizzes Really Work?

We did paid and organic. Now it’s 30 days later and we’re going to share the results so we can finally answer that question, does this marketing work? Alright, I’m going to share my screen. Okay, we used a tool called Quizzer, to create this quiz. What kind of marketing should you do?

I’m not going to share the quiz here, you can go back to the blog and see the original post about that.

Take our quiz, you should take our quiz.

Take the quiz. What I’m going to do here is share the results. So I’m going to click on stats. Drum roll. Let’s see what happened. So we had 34 people in the last 30 days take this quiz. 71% completed it.

Wow, that’s a good number. I was one of them.


Actually, this was at number six when I started.

Okay. So here’s sort of the funnel alright? 161 people came in and viewed it, then 34 people, 20, my eyes are blind. 21% started the quiz. 24 people or 71% completed the quiz which is amazing and zero people shared it. But for this type of quiz that’s not really surprising, because this was more like for your own knowledge, what kind of marketing should you do.

It’s not like, “Oh what kind of princess or fairytale creature are you?” Right?

Right. Right. Definitely not a social or something like that.

Right so I’m not surprised that it wasn’t shared and here you can kind of tell how people fared. So the majority of the people, Dave, read what that says.

I can’t see it Stacey, I’m sorry. That is actually let’s turn up the brightness a little bit, how about that?

Digital Dave always has a solution.

I can’t because it’s all the way up I think. There we go. Now we can read it.

Oh wow magic.

Do Quizzes Really Work?

Look at that, ooh, ah, now we can actually see it and show them what it looks like.

Alright, so the majority of the people were social butterflies and should use online marketing. Now, this is always my favorite answer right? Using systems and an integrated marketing approach and I was glad to see that the majority came up as that.

So anyways I found this whole process really interesting. Because you can see how many people came into the funnel and look they spent a minute, ten completing it. So they, it wasn’t like they just rushed through, they did some thought and contemplation as they answered those questions. So let me share with you some of the areas where we did post this.

It was on the Small Biz Marketing Specialist website. Digital Dave added it to the blog and he even had it as a pull-down menu here. Take our, What Kind of Marketing Quiz Should I Do?

So this got a lot of traction. Let me sort of show what that looks like, so people can understand how you can embed the quiz directly in the blog post.

That’s a great idea. Yes we embedded this within the blog post.

Right? So this is just a blog post and here’s the quiz directly in the site. So when you take this you never leave our site, which is great because then people can go still check out our other programs and resources.

Right and the get the results in your site so they don’t leave even when they get the results right?

Right. So at the end of the quiz. We had a call to action which was to come join us in the Small Biz Marketing Success Facebook Group and I will show that actually over here.

So the Small Biz Marketing Success Group has really taken off over the past 30 days. I mean look at these numbers.

Actually, we did, didn’t we do an episode on your Facebook groups’ work?


Well there you go, I mean so.

So in the last month we brought in 23 new members, a 475% increase and look how engaged they are I mean this is a really active group. Now I can’t tell you specifically how many came just from the quiz and they could have seen us in multiple places, because we were promoting this all over the place.

Do Quizzes Really Work?

So we did spend 50 dollars boosting this from the Small Biz Marketing Specialist Facebook page. We threw 50 bucks at it and we got I feel like some good information.

7 people clicked on the photo and 16 people clicked on the link, right here. To go to take the quiz. So this was almost a 2% response rate. That’s pretty good for advertising.

It’s pretty good for online, it’s good for digital.

Yeah for people who didn’t even know us. So this was a great way to get people into our funnel. Pretty cost effective to be able to do that. I made the executive decision to not advertise monetarily on LinkedIn. It was going to be five to six dollars a click to do that.

I think what makes ‘Jeopardy!’ special is that, among all the quiz and game shows out there, ours tends to encourage learning.

Alex Trebek 


Just to get ten clicks I just decided not to do that. So what we did, we focused a lot on organic. We had it all over Facebook. We belong to many different Facebook groups as well as LinkedIn. We posted it organically and we belong to about 50 different small business groups. So we posted it in there as well.

So again I can’t tell you how many specifically came from there. But from these results it looks like we got a lot…we got 161 people who at least hit the page.

Right so let me ask you a question. So how much time did we put into this total? What do you think? To make the quiz, to post it throughout our networks and place it on our website and do some basic advertising. Because I want to talk about the results in a minute and how much time we spend and what that meant and what that means. So how much time do you think we spent Stacey?

Truly, I’d say about an hour.

An hour?

Yeah because, maybe at the most two. I knew what I wanted to, questions I wanted to ask, it could take an hour in general to create a quiz, but I knew what I wanted to ask. So let’s say it takes an hour to create the quiz and get it set up and then because we use a scheduling tool for all of our social media. It was very easy to go in and schedule the post out, over time to all of the groups at one time.

Do Quizzes Really Work?

So maybe an hour sitting down and getting those all scheduled. From there and then it’s just a matter of monitoring it and then one time for setting up the advertising.

Right, so you’re looking at like two or three hours of total time here. So let’s talk about this as far as what this means. I mean 34 people taking a quiz doesn’t sound like a huge number, but again when you look at what your long-term value of a customer might be, that we spent 50 dollars and did a little bit of work, two to three hours worth of work. We engaged 34 people into our process and that can mean thousands and thousands of dollars in potential clients for us.

So you have to monitor to see, is the marketing you’re doing making sense, not just for an immediate result or you have to look at the ROI and you have to look at the long-term value. I would say that this is a home run. I think that actually what we should do from this point is actually do what we did and now turn that up and actually make this more visible.

So now that we both believe that this marketing really worked for us and it’s a very good way to engage people and get people into our funnel, where our long-term of a customer is very high, we are now going to take this and ramp this up. This comes back to Stacey’s “I”, in her Action Marketing System, which is what. What is it guys? What is it? Come on we’re quizzing. It’s a quiz.

It’s a quiz.

Invest. Invest and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go back and throw some more money at Facebook advertising. We’re going to go out and post this in some more places, not just on our LinkedIn and on our Facebook page, we’ll probably start doing some things on Twitter, we may make an infographic or something like that to push people over to the quiz, which we’ve had a lot of luck doing that on Pinterest and other sites like that.

But we’re going to actually turn this up and see how far we can take this and we may report back on this in a year and give you the real results because these types of marketing activities, it doesn’t happen overnight all the time. Unless you’re willing to throw tons of money at it up front, which we were just testing here, then and that’s what you should do before you launch any major marketing campaign, you should “test before you invest”.

So that’s what we did here and we both feel, at least I certainly feel, that quizzes are a great way to bring people into our funnel.

Do Quizzes Really Work?

Yeah, this was a great example. I would say this marketing works and I really love what you said, “test before you invest.” What I actually would suggest as a next step is actually come up with another marketing quiz and test the two against each other to the same audience and see if one pulls in better than the other.

So A-B test before you invest.

A-B test. A-B test.

I think that’s a good idea Stacey, we are going to do that.

Alright. So there you go, does this marketing work? Yes. Quizzes do work. Any parting words Digital Dave?

No let’s go take a quiz.

Alright. Let’s take-

Let’s go make a quiz.

Alright thanks for tuning in everybody. This is Small Business Stacey, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist, here to help you with Digital Dave, get your marketing into action and your quizzes done so you can become a Small Biz Marketing Wiz.

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