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How To Make Your Message Stand Out

How To Make Your Message Stand Out

How To Make Your Message Stand Out

Want to know how to get your message read and your offer to convert? In this episode, “Small Business Stacey” shares a great example of a direct mail piece that hits the nail right on the head. #MarketingInTwoMinutesOrLess  #ASmallBizLife

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Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: How To Make Your Message Stand Out

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How can you get your message to stand out in this over-cluttered holiday marketing season?

Hey everybody, “Small Business Stacey.” We all know it’s the holidays and we all know that we’re being lambasted everywhere with messages to buy my stuff, buy my stuff. So how can you get your message to stand out? Today I want to share with you a great example of great marketing that caught my attention and hope that you can swipe and deploy and use it in your business as well.

Today I went to my mailbox and this was there, a card that looks like it’s handwritten and has a stamp. I’m a big proponent of using stamps on your direct mail because it looks more personalized, like a handwritten note from grandma. So you want to open it, which is what I did. So let’s see what’s inside. A card that ties in with the holiday colors. Green, gold with a question. So I open it up and this is from ZipRecruiter, and they’re trying to get people to go to their site to post an ad for hiring.

Now they did many things right. The colors and the branding are all consistent. They have an irresistible offer, free. Who doesn’t love free? And this little card actually pops off so you can take this and keep it by your computer. They have a special landing site, not just a generic site but one so it can be tracked and retargeted knowing that people went to this specific site for this specific campaign. They also have a specific offer number. So if somebody takes advantage of this campaign, they’ll be able to track it and know the ROI. They have social proof, five stars, rated number one hiring site. And they also have limited time offer where there’s an expiration date. And on the back they didn’t just leave it blank, they actually give the opportunity for people to call in and get their questions answered 24/7. That is great service.

A business without a mailing list is not a business.

Dan Kennedy 

What I like most about it is that ZipRecruiter is actually an online service where you go and post and look for applicants, but they’re using offline media to get attention. And they definitely did that with me.

I only have two suggestions perhaps where they could have made this a little bit better. Number one is in their messaging. Their main message was, “We’ll help you build a successful business.” That’s okay, but I think it could have been stronger if they had something that said, “Build your dream team,” or, “Build your dream team in 2020,” because that really gets to the heartstrings of what a business owner is thinking about this time of year. I always like to use reason why marketing when I’m doing my messaging.

And number two is I think they could have provided an additional option for me to opt-in and get maybe some top recruiting tips because maybe I’m not ready to post an ad right now or maybe I’m not hiring right now looking for applicants. But if there was a way for me to get some information on how I could run my business better or run manage my employees better, I’m giving my contact information and then they can drip on me. So when I’m ready to buy, I will think of ZipRecruiter.

So those are my two suggestions for how this campaign could have been better, but in general, a fantastic job. What do you like about it? Anything you’re going to do to implement this in your business. I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

This is Small Business Stacey, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist here to help you get your Marketing into ACTION by helping you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz.

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