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Top Online Ninja Marketing Tricks

Top Online Ninja Marketing Tricks

What are the two things every small business owner wants when it comes to their online marketing? Traffic and leads. “Small Business Stacey” interviews “One Click Lindsey” from who shares her top online ninja marketing tricks.

Episode Transcript

Welcome everybody to another edition of Where Marketing Meets Technology. I’m Small Business Stacey, your host for today. I have with me someone who has the two things that every small business owner is always asking for when it comes to online marketing. What are those two things? Traffic and leads. I have with me Lindsey Anderson, ironically enough the name of her company is

Stacey: Welcome, Lindsey.

Lindsey: Thank you for having me on the show, Stacey. I’m glad to be here.

Stacey: I am so glad to have you, as we’re recording this we’re heading into the holiday season, so small business marketers are thinking, “Online marketing. Oh, my God I’ve got to be online, and where am I going to spend my time, effort, and money?” You are the perfect person to address that topic. We’re going to talk about some Facebook ninja marketing strategies, but before we get into the meat and potatoes I want to give a brief introduction about Lindsey and her company. Now, Lindsey, I’m going to share what I know about you, but you fill in the missing details.

Lindsey: Sounds good.

Stacey: All right. What I know about you is that you were sort of born an entrepreneur, so even at a young age when most girls are out there babysitting you are figuring out how to leverage that, and sort of manage a team of people, and make money off of it. That is an incredible story that I love hearing. Then, I guess, kind of like all small business owners perhaps maybe we start off as an employee and then realize that’s not for us, so you started as an employee, right?

Lindsey: That’s right.

Stacey: Yeah.

Lindsey: I’ve had two real drops, well, three real jobs in my life. That’s true.

Stacey: Okay.

Lindsey: Three real jobs.

Stacey: Then, you were sort of self-taught into the online marketing world, where you became a real guru and figured out how to do those two things, drive traffic and leads. What I also know about you is that you work with your husband, so we share that commonality, as I work with Digital Dave, and maybe as a side we should do a separate podcast on that topic. Right?

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: You have three wonderful children.

Lindsey: Wow. You’re good. You are good.

Stacey: That’s what I could find out about you without reading a boring bio. Anything else major that I missed?

Lindsey: I think that about sums it up. That’s awesome. And, you and I are both members of Dream Business Coaching, and that’s how we met, and we’ve met in person many times. I consider you a friend of mine, I’m not just on another podcast today, I’m on Stacey’s podcast.

Stacey: That’s right.

Lindsey: My friend.

Stacey: Well, I’m going to ask you, we just heard about the professional Lindsey, but I’m going to ask you some questions about the personal Lindsey, and then we’ll see if we’re still friends.

Lindsey: Okay.

Stacey: These aren’t too tough. My first question for you is boots or sandals?

Lindsey: Sandals a 100%. Yeah. Definitely, sandals.

Stacey: Absolutely. Would you say you’re a saver or a spender?

Lindsey: A saver.

Stacey: Good. Would you say cats or dogs?

Lindsey: Cats.

Stacey: There’s no wrong answer.

Lindsey: Well, the reason why I hesitated is because I’ve had two cats for a very long time, but they both left, and my husband and I just made a pack there will be no more pets. Three kids is enough pets, if you know what I mean.

Stacey: Right. You’re already above the American average.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: It seems to 2.2.

Lindsey: There you go.

Stacey: Now, one additional thing I do know about you Lindsey is that people don’t call you Lindsey, everybody calls you One-Click Lindsey.

Lindsey: That’s right.

Stacey: How did that name come about?

Lindsey: Yeah. As you mentioned, Stacey, my talent is to drive traffic and leads, so I had a chiropractor client of mine, we both shared an office space, and he of course was like, “What do you do?” I was like, “I can drive some traffic and leads for your business,” but this was kind of a mistake, because we both kind of ended up showing up to work at the same time at [8:00] and so after someone gives you money, and I told him this upfront, I was like, “Dude, this is going to take four to six weeks before you see some results, so be patient with me,” but every morning after he’d pass me that check it was, “Where’s my traffic leads? Get on it. Where are we at? Let’s do this.”

Dude, this is going to take four to six weeks before you see some results, so be patient with me

Lindsey Anderson

Every morning I would say, “Listen, Doc, it’s going to take a minute. It’s going to take a few days and some testing, and some AB testing and all those things to get people to make that one-click on your website, and once they make that one-click then they will be on your email list, and once you’re on their email list you are going to be the doctor for them when they’re ready to make a buying decision, so we’ve got to get them to make that one-click.” Now, that’s a lot harder than it sounds, because your like I said, you’re AB testing ads, SEOing, you’re AB testing landing pages, buttons, all of this stuff. Irresistible offers. All of this. Every day my answer was the same.

One evening I’m watching Walking Dead with the hubs, and I had this epiphany and I was like, this is the change we need to make on this landing page, so I went and wrote a new headline, updated some content, and the next morning we had about 20 leads that came in. We were paying traffic and all of this, going to this page, but this was like the final amazing thing, so doc and I walk in, and he says, “Well if it isn’t one-click Lindsey. We got 20 leads last night. I’m so stoked.” I thought that is a lot more memorable than Lindsey Anderson, so here I am One-Click Lindsey.

Stacey: I love it. Everybody knows you as One-Click Lindsey.

Lindsey: Yes, they do.

Stacey: It’s funny how other people sort of come up with our names, because that’s how Small Business Stacey came about as my son named me that because I was so passionate about small business.

Lindsey: I would agree. Knowing you Stacey, I mean, you encapsulate the name Small Business Stacey.

Stacey: Thanks. Well, today, I’m excited to have you here, because I know that you know everything about online marketing, Facebook ads, SEO, landing pages, I mean, we just can’t fit it all into the time frame, so I want to get really focused, and being able to help the people in my small business owner community really leverage your expertise to help them with their online marketing, because what I hear people say is, “I put up a website, you mean the people aren’t coming, like sales aren’t flowing in the door.”

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: What do you say to that?

Lindsey: Or even worse, Stacey, or more frustrating I would say, I think people might be okay-ish with the fact that they throw up a website and no one comes. Maybe? I have had customers be like, “What the heck?” But, I think a lot of people right now, which is why I wanted to focus our conversation on this is Facebook ads, they’ll say, “Hey, I’ve put a $100.00 into Facebook. I’ve been boosting posts. I’ve been doing this and that, but nothings happening. Facebook marketing totally blows. I’m out.”

Stacey: Right.

Lindsey: I think that’s a huge pain point for people, and it’s true, definitely Facebook can be a huge hole, money sink for people.

Stacey: Yeah. What are you seeing out there? Because there’s so many things you can do on Facebook. You can boost a post. There’s the ad manager. There’s power editor. People’s heads just start spinning. They think, I just throw an ad up there and the people will come.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: Can you kind of address maybe, I know you have some ninja tricks, but what would you share? How does somebody who’s looking to get into Facebook advertising, where would they start?

Lindsey: Yeah. I think the most important thing to know is Facebook is, and they have released this, they are running out of ad space for people. That means, ads are going to get a lot more expensive, because they can, because there’s limited space. Back in the day when Facebook first allowed us to run ads, you could literally just go and do whatever you wanted out there and customers would come, but now my biggest recommendation is, is that you guys have a plan. You got to sit down and you got to come up with a content plan, an irresistible offer plan. What is your end game plan, and lay it out.

One Facebook boost is not going to bring customers, but it’s going to be boosting that post, and I say boosting, because I know you guys don’t want to get all technical and boosting is actually a valid strategy if done correctly, so it’s okay to push that button even though you’ve heard that it’s not. You got to come up with a plan and it’s long-term, these Facebook clients will come from a long, it’s a long-term marketing strategy. Maybe three months and $250.00 will bring customers over a long period of time, if you’re on a budget. Now, if you’re not on a budget and you can throw hundreds of dollars at Facebook ads per day, you can get clients today, but most people kind of want to dip their toe in and I’m telling you it’s either a time or a money thing when it comes to Facebook ads. You got to one of those. You got to pay.

Stacey: Yeah. Okay. You’re saying we’ve really got to start with a plan?

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: You can’t just, otherwise you’re throwing money down the Facebook toilet. Right?

Lindsey: Yeah. You can’t just be like, “Oh, I wrote a blog post,” boost, and then maybe wait three weeks til you have another blog post or a cute picture, or something and hit boost. In order for Facebook to be truly effective it’s all about marketing 101 that we learned in college and it’s being up front in front of peoples face, them seeing you all of the time, brand recognition, you have to be in front of people eight to 10 times before they’re willing to actually buy something and that’s where the plan comes in. How do I get people to see my message, a different message, or similar messages to help them through this funnel eight to 10 times before they’re actually ready to buy from me, which is a lot, and it’s a mix of videos, and irresistible offers, and posts, and pictures, and whatever else you can do to peek people’s interest on Facebook, so they can actually go to your website.

Stacey: Yeah. You bring up a lot of great points, because there’s a lot to think about. There is figuring out the targeting, and then as you mentioned there’s the whole content, because now Facebook offers you a lot of different media that you can do. Again, the small business owner’s their head is spinning, what do you-

Lindsey: I know.

Stacey: Yeah. Where do they start? What do they do?

Lindsey: Yeah. First of all, I developed a technique, it’s called the Click Technique, that we run all of my clients here at through and you can go to the, and you can get a five day crash course where I literally outline, you need to post this at least once a week. You need to do this. You need to do that. I recommend going there and following that, but overall, Stacey, what the minimum amount that people need to do, and according to the Click Technique, so the first C in the Click Technique is curiosity. What I just talked about with content, so you got to make people curious, you can’t just be out there and be super boring and expect people to come to your website.

Pictures, and being yourself, and not being afraid of Facebook live, right now Facebook is heavily weighing those people and those pages that do Facebook live is giving them a whole lot more free viewers because Facebook wants everyone to be on video, so you got to go out and do Facebook lives you got to do a piece of content, but if you want a minimum amount I would say you have to add a minimum, I would be doing at least three posts a week on Facebook, a minimum, unique posts. Now, I would post a lot more than that, and I would be what’s called a content curator, where you’re finding interesting things and articles to post and maybe sharing from other people and building relationships between those, but I would say at a minimum three posts a week on your Facebook page. You just got to do it.

Stacey: Who do you target those to? To people who already know, like and trust you, or people who you want to bring in as potential prospect?

Lindsey: Yeah. The way I like to run my Facebook campaigns, at least for those starting out is I like to examine the people who like your page, now, I know there’s a lot of pages out there that are like, let’s create this liking circle where everybody likes each others pages, so we can get what I like to call, vanity likes, and that’s really what they are. I don’t recommend doing that, because it’s kind of like, who cares how many people like your page, it’s a quantity versus a quality thing 100% of the time. If your likes, and I’ve had customers who have purchased likes, and those are a complete waste, because they’re just vanity metrics. Right? If your likes have come to you just naturally, they’re current customers, people who have gone to your website and hit like on your page, and you have mostly good potential clients on your Facebook, I also like creating what’s called a likes campaign.

Stacey: Right.

Lindsey: This is super easy. I cover also in the Click Technique. You go out there, you create a likes campaign for your specific avatar, so women from Southern California who have one child that live in a house worth $500,000.00 or more, and you guys can do this, you just go into Facebook you’ll sit it under this interest tab, it’s super easy, and you run a likes campaign, which is essentially getting people to like your Facebook page.

After you do that, then when you come up with a really great piece of content at least one killer piece of content about your business, you post that a few times on your Facebook, but I would also hit boost post on that at least once a week for about five bucks to make sure all of your fans see it, so it’s all about people seeing your content, so Facebook likes campaign is called, Top of Funnel, they’ve raised their hand and said, “Yeah, I’m kind of,” like for me, “I’m kind of interested in online marketing. Sure. I’ll join her page,” and then I can kind of nurture them through this content, and simply hitting the boost post button.

Stacey: Yeah. That’s a good point, because you know most small business owners think, oh, just because I have a Facebook page everybody sees all my content-

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: Because they liked me. Right? And, that’s just not true. Is that correct?

Lindsey: A 100% true. Boy, even last year it was 10% of the people who liked your page will see your posts, but it’s way less than that now. Like, not very many people, so you do have to put some money behind that, but it’s not even that expensive. Like, my page is about 7,000 people, I can feed a lot of my fans my latest content for 10 bucks. Totally worth it.

Stacey: Right.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: Yeah. And, the reality is Facebook wants you to pay to play.

Lindsey: Yes. People complain and whine, and guess what? Facebook is a business, it’s not unlike any other marketing that you’ve ever had to pay for, it’s actually way better because at least you’re getting, instead of a billboard that everyone sees at least you know women from Southern California are seeing your ad, and you’re paying for the eyeballs of the exact demographic that you’re looking for.

Stacey: Yeah. It’s amazing. Actually, I would love for you to address that, because I don’t think small business owners take enough opportunity to really leverage the targeting that you can do within Facebook, they kind of just go with the general like, 18 to 65 years old, men or women, living in this area, but-

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: Can you expand on what else is available to them?

Lindsey: Yeah. If you do that, you’re unable to really target your message, because what is your message going to be to everyone in that age range in all of the United States? To have a really effective Facebook ad, so like for me, for example, we are really good at generating traffic and leads for chiropractors, so I will go out to Facebook and my interests will be, people who are interested in chiropractic, chiropractors, that are a business owner and there’s some other publications that they can be a fan of that I know makes them a chiropractor and a small business owner, so chances are they are a small business owner of a chiropractic office. Right?

In my ad, instead of being just, “Hey, all things online marketing, join me over here,” it’s “Hey, do you want to have more traffic and leads for your chiropractic office?” Which one are you going to hit like on if you’re a chiropractor? The second one, and it’s going to be a whole lot less expensive than that broad one that I just brought up, so you want to utilize those interests and target your ad towards that. Sure, we do traffic and leads for all kinds of businesses, but that specific ad just brings them to the page, because they know, because it peeks their interests, because they’re a chiropractor.

Stacey: Yeah. All right. The targeting is great. Then, I want to touch on the content a little bit, too, because a lot of small business owners they just want to, you know, their mindset is sell, sell, sell, so I’m going to put this widget up there, and expect a million people to order it, and people, I’d really love to hear your opinion on it, but I don’t think that people go to Facebook per se to buy something, so what I would love to hear how you advise clients in regard to the type of content. Should it be where you’re sharing valuable information, or you’re sending them to a landing page, or you’re outright trying to sell? Let’s talk about the content piece.

Lindsey: I love it. I usually recommend doing an 80/20 split, so 80% is value, value, value. Here, here’s how you do this, here’s how you do that, oh, did you know this, or you’re, like I said, you’re curating other people’s content, 80% of the time. 20% of the time, definitely feel free to sell your wares. I’ve had people go over on this spectrum and they never sell anything, but they have this audience of hungry people, but then they never sell anything.

You do need to sell periodically, just not all of the time, and people will understand if you’ve given them that much information, and also part of that 80% of kind of talking about business, or if you’re a plumber, how to unplug toilets, or how to care for your drains, or why not to pour the baking fat down the drain and all this, you want to include maybe 5% to 10% of personal stuff, because people do business with people and not-

Stacey: That’s a great point.

Lindsey: Just like brands. Once in a while on my page or on my customers page I will recommend put a family picture up, did your kid do something funny? Maybe you don’t want to bring your kids into it, fine. Are you at the beach? In your office? This is my face. Very candid. This is me, I’m a real person. Or, I tripped on the way to work, look at my broken foot. Whatever. Right? It’s called social media for a reason, so you do have to put yourself out there. You’ll get more results.

Stacey: Right. That’s a great point. It’s so true. The whole point of social media is to be that. Social. Right?

Lindsey: Yeah. People can see right through it. Like if you’re always going out there and you’re putting on a tie, and you’re talking very business like, like super snoozer, like boring, people can see right through that, so I just recommend being yourself.

Stacey: I love how its just it’s a great medium to tell your story.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: Every business has a personality, and don’t feel like you have to be somebody that you’re not, because it actually comes across the complete opposite.

Lindsey: Amen. Amen, it does.

Stacey: All right.

Lindsey: If you don’t mind us just following the Click Technique, because-

Stacey: Yeah.

Lindsey: It kind of paints it out. Is that okay?

Stacey: Yes, please.

Lindsey: C for curiosity, we’ve talked about content, like that is the piece that you have to have. After you create curiosity, then they’re coming to your website. L in the Click Technique is for Land, so there’s a couple of things you guys need to have on your website when people land on your website. Number one, is the Facebook pixel. For those that don’t know what it is, everyone is assigned this little piece of code, unique to their business, and it’s this little piece of code, and you can give to your programmer to put on your website, and essentially what that does is that allows Facebook to know who has come to your website, and they kind of track them and it’s not like you can go in and I can see, oh, Stacey, and Jim and all these people visit my website.

It’s not like that, but basically Facebook is kind of collecting these people in what’s called an audience, so then I can turn around, and when I’m ready to run ads I can say, “Hey, Facebook, everybody who has visited my website in the last 60 days, please show them this ad,” because obviously they know you, you can speak to them better, or you can go to Facebook and say, “Hey, Facebook, you know over 200 points of data about all of us,” you know what kind of car we drive, how much money we make, if we’re a Trump supporter, like how many kids I have, Facebook knows everything about you.

You can go in and say, “Those 300 people that visited my website in the last 60 days make what’s called a look alike audience, go find all of the points of data that match between all of those people and create me a look alike audience with a million people,” because in theory if all those Trump supporting $250,000.00 households buy or like you, or resonate with you then this new audience will have a better chance at resonating with you as well. That’s why you have to have the pixel on there. If I just totally blew your mind, and you’re like, “Too tech, I’m out,” I’m telling you the only thing you need to do today is get the Facebook pixel installed, and then leave it til you’re ready to be more advanced, because you just want it to collect data as much as possible.

Stacey: All right. We have the C and the L-

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: What’s next?

Lindsey: There’s a couple of things on L, you make sure your website is mobile friendly, make sure you have Google Analytics installed. Okay? Fair enough?

Stacey: Love it.

Lindsey: Okay. I, irresistible offer, you probably have had an episode on this, so when people come to your website only 99% of the people aren’t going to call you, they’re not going to fill out a contact us form, they’re not ready to buy, they’re just Looky Lou’s, they’re just looking around. What you’re going to want to have is some sort of irresistible offer in exchange to get their email address, so start collecting emails, today.

What does that look like? It’s 10 ways to unplug your toilet at home, today, or, 20 exercises that you can do when you’re pregnant to ease your back pain, like whatever your customers, your secret sauce, whatever you can give them, hopefully that they can’t find just by googling, like make it valuable, make it personal to you, and basically make sure that and offer it to them, and say, “Hey, download this to exchange with your email address.”

Stacey: Right. Hey, can I ask you a question about that?

Lindsey: Yeah. Talk to me.

Stacey: I love the irresistible offer, so how do you feel about an online offer versus an offline offer? You know? But, in exchange for the offline offer you’re asking for more data, you know, name and address, and such. Does that detour people from filling out the form?

Lindsey: It really depends on the business. I’ve had customers, well one in particular where we actually had better luck doing that with more forms, and that they actually received something in the mail, but quite typically the more you ask for something and the more hoops you make someone jump through, the less likely they are to opt in. However, the people that are willing to give you their address, and their phone number, and their social security number, and their blood type, no, I’m only kidding – are probably interested. You know what I mean? Are going to be better more engaged customers, so I would recommend that you just test. Test it, see where your best customers are coming from.

Stacey: Yeah. That’s a good point. You should always test. Right? As marketers, AB testing.

Lindsey: Yes.

Stacey: All the time.

Lindsey: Yeah. And, even marketers test. I’m constantly testing. I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and I still get a new client and it’s like, “Okay, we got to start the testing all over, because it’s a new group, and it’s a new demographic, and a new brand,” if I knew all of the answers, like if my first Facebook ads always were big fat winners then I would be a millionaire, and not running Facebook ads anymore, because I would know the answer, but I don’t. Everyone has to test.

Stacey: Yeah. It’s a good point, and I always tell my clients as well, I mean, I can be an amazing marketer, but when it comes to online advertising a lot of times I will be wrong, you know, in the image, or the words, or whatever it is, so you’ve got to test.

Lindsey: You got to test, and you got to test stuff that maybe you don’t resonate with. One of my favorite, and this is a ninja trick that I’ll actually give you for this, one of my favorite ways to try to gather what the public sentiment is, or maybe get some taglines, or cool things to do, is I will head out to Amazon. For example, I have a client who did Medicare, basically how to pick the right Medicare plan and be successful for yourself on Medicare and not get screwed over by the government. I don’t know anything about that. I head out to Amazon, because I am not 65, yet, but I head out to Amazon, and there’s maybe 20 books about Medicare, Medicare roadmap, Medicare this, Medicare that.

Now, first of all, the book titles are actually pretty decent headlines. Second of all, you can read about the book, and that gives you some pretty good information, but where you’re going to get the best information is through Amazon Reviews, so people will be like, “Medicare is whatever,” like, “It is a slippery, horrible maze of complicated-ness,” and it’s like, oh, that sounds like something I should put in a Facebook ad, you know? Because it’s coming from the heart and soul of somebody who’s literally going through this. Amazon book reviews are definitely a place that I’m constantly going for inspiration.

Stacey: Wow, and it’s free.

Lindsey: Yeah. Right? It’s free, and sometimes it will literally write the copy for you.

Stacey: Right.

Lindsey: It’s pretty awesome.

Stacey: Because you’re using the words that people in that demographic would obviously resonate with.

Lindsey: Yes. Or, you understand what their struggling with, or what the book didn’t answer, or what the book answered well. People will just go off on those, and it’s like, “Thank you for this info.” You know? It’s awesome.

Stacey: Wow. That’s an awesome ninja marketing trick. I bet many small business owners are not using that one.

Lindsey: Yes. The same goes for irresistible offers, blog posts, content, just go out to Amazon and read what people are struggling with, and make it into something.

Stacey: Love it. Oh, my God, are we going to have time to go through all these letters in the Click Technique?

Lindsey: Yes. We’re almost done. The other two are super easy. Okay? The next C is for, wow, C-L-I-C is cultivate. Oh, my gosh.

Stacey: Cultivate. Well, that’s a tough word, you had to think about it.

Lindsey: Two C’s screwed me over. Okay. C is for cultivate, once you get their email address then you have to continue to email them. Right? You can’t just be like, “Hey, here’s your PDF let me know when you’re ready to do business,” because they’ll immediately forget. Utilize this email address and email them, you need to email them a series, like basically, “Hey, did you get that PDF? Did you see this testimonial? That PDF was so cool, wasn’t it?” All these things, and you should be like, “You should make an appointment with me,” and do your whole sales thing in maybe a five to seven step email sequence, but after that at least once a week be emailing them. Okay?

That’s, that piece of content we talked about in the first step, just email them, “Hey, thought you’d want to know what’s going with the Traffic and Leads Podcast this week. Here’s our latest episode.” Send. Your name is showing up in their inbox. They don’t forget about you, so when they are ready to make that buying decision, you’re top of mind. Cultivate. Okay?
Stacey: That’s a good one. Yeah. It’s so important, because we’re all so time-starved. You know, small business owners are complaining about lower email open rates, but I can tell you, we can both resonate with Jim Palmer (Dream Business Coaching), right?

Lindsey: Right.

Stacey: He’s our business coach.

Lindsey: That’s right.

Stacey: I don’t read every email that comes in to my inbox, but he is hitting every single day and you see the name when you open up the box, and so it’s like a subliminal thing, so when you’re continually dripping on people all that they may not necessarily open it, again, you’re staying in front of mind.

Lindsey: Yep. I totally 100% agree with you, Stacey, if they’re not unsubscribing, and of course some of them are going to go spam, but in general throw it away at least you saw One-Click Lindsey in your inbox today.

Stacey: Right.

Lindsey: You remember I exist, and same with current clients. Right? It keeps current clients close, because they see my name in their inbox, Lindsey is still in business, working, and on the cutting edge. It keeps clients close as well. Yes. 100%. My ninja trick for that, one more thing, is I know it can be unsettling especially if you’re first starting in email marketing when you get those unsubscribe, but I mean it happens every week, every time you send something, everyone, even the most amazing, and interesting online marketer will get unsubscribes, every time they send something.

You don’t need that negativity in your life, I understand that, and it kind of bugs you, why don’t they like me? I recommend sending those unsubscribe notifications to that Hotmail account you set up in high school, send them over there, you don’t need to see them, but just know it happens to everyone, and it’s fine, more room for people who actually resonate with you.

Stacey: Yeah. Hey, one-click, I have a question for you, so there are two ways to approach email marketing, there’s the single opt-in, where they’ll automatically start getting the content, or the double opt-in where they have to confirm before they start getting the emails, do you have a professional suggestion regarding that?

Lindsey: Honestly, the right answer is double opt-in, oh, you really want my PDF, make sure you click on this link and make sure you are you before I send them to you.

Stacey: Yeah.

Lindsey: That’s my professional answer, and that’s how I personally do it, however, I have plenty of clients that don’t, and it’s fine. It’s totally fine. No, I think people will make a big deal out of that a lot, and I’ve heard a lot of arguments about it, but honestly, I don’t care. Build your list how you want to build it. Is that fair?

Stacey: Yeah. Because I’m just thinking, you know, to me, if I’m opting into something, and it’s obviously been a topic I’m really interested in and then you’re making me go to find the email, so I can even click to get the thing, which may even end up in my spam, you could potentially lose me as a customer.

Lindsey: Yeah. The argument being, well, Stacey’s not willing to watch for my email

Stacey: Right.

Lindsey: And click a simple little link, then she’s not invested anyway.

Stacey: Yeah. I know there’s two schools of thought on it. I like the one-click approach, because I like One-Click Lindsey.

Lindsey: Yeah. Honestly, I don’t even really consult customers that way, it’s like, however they had it set up is totally, I think, it’s fine.

Stacey: Okay. I got you off track, so let’s go back to-

Lindsey: Cultivate.

Stacey: Yeah.

Lindsey: We already did cultivate.

Stacey: We’re cultivating. Yep.

Lindsey: Yeah. Again, just one more thing about cultivate, you just want to send them at least one email a week, I say that because the more emails you send actually the better. I have at least two email lists that I subscribe to that email me every single day, but I’m not asking anyone to do that. At least once a week, because if you email them one week, and then you wait three weeks, and then you email them, they’ll be like, “Who are you? Why are you emailing me? Stop emailing me.” You’ll get a ton more unsubscribes, so you got to find something consistent, and always, always email them, and that’s why you just have email them that piece of content that you’ve created in the first C, at a minimum.

Stacey: Great. I love that ninja tip.

Lindsey: Finally, the last K, the K is, this is the hardest part, is keep going. Online marketing is such a long game, you implement this email marketing strategy and this content strategy, especially if you’re not putting any money behind page graphic, it’s going to be a long game, so three to six months, you say to yourself, “Self, I’m going to put my head down and I’m going to do this for three to six months. I don’t care if anyone likes me or does business with me I’m okay with it. My budget is fine. I’m just going to do it,” you’ll get clients before then, but just in your head be like, “I’m fine with it,” and they will come. This works, this is the foundation for a strong online marketing.

Stacey: One-Click, I love that, because I love how you’re being authentic and setting the expectation, because there’s so many marketing Facebook people out there saying, “Oh, yeah, I can get you $10,000.00 in sales tomorrow.”

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: And, we know that, that is just so not true. You’re right. It is a short-term, you can see short-term gain, but you’ve got to be in it for the long-term.

Lindsey: Yep. Yeah, and you have to be consistent. You have to be really, really consistent. That is more important than anything is consistency in online marketing.

Stacey: Now, for a busy small business owner, who may not have the time doing all these steps to the Click Technique instead of doing it themselves could they work with someone like you who can then just manage it all?

Lindsey: Yes. Like I mentioned the Click Technique is actually our secret formula that we put all of our traffic and leads clients through that signup for our monthly package. Now, of course you need a landing page made, or Facebook ads, or PBC done, we can absolutely do that as ala carte, but most of our clients are really do invest in their long-term success with a strong online marketing foundation and that is through a monthly plan with us where we take care of all of the stuff for you, and build your list, email your list, and then eventually have such a strong following for our customers we can sell them a lot of things, like eBooks, or books, or consultations, or just whatever. That’s what we do.

Stacey: Yeah. Because when it comes to the whole online digital marketing thing, I bet you can just see the steam coming out of their heads, you know, they just don’t know what to do or where to go. My motto has always been “do what you do best, and outsource the rest”.

Do what you do best, and Outsource the rest.

Stacey Riska Small Biz Marketing Specialist

Lindsey: I love that.

Stacey: Yeah.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Stacey: If you ain’t good at online marketing, then go to One-Click Lindsey, she is the expert.

Lindsey: Yep.

Stacey: And, she really knows how to get those two words, traffic and leads.

Lindsey: That’s right.

Stacey: All right. In closing, is there anything else you would advise a small business owner in regard to thinking about their Facebook marketing? Any other ninja strategies?

Lindsey: Yeah. I mean, I have a couple of ninja strategies, but most of all I think I’m going to repeat kind of what we said, so online marketing is a long-term gain, you can’t just go boost a post on Facebook and think it’s going to return a million clients, because it’s not, but online marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, all of this works you just have to come up with a plan and execute it over a long period of time.

Stacey: Great. Lindsey, if people want to get in touch with you, I know you mentioned where they could get that program that you have, but how could people reach you or your company?

Lindsey: Yep. You can check out my blog where I do lots of videos, and stuff like that at, and you can pretty much spell that however you want, or you can check us out at, and again if you’re interested in building a strong foundation for your online marketing needs it’s, it’s a free five day crash course in the Click Technique.

Stacey: Great. One-Click thank you so much for coming on with me today. I love the ninja marketing strategies, the Click Technique, all of this is really going to help the small business owners out there with their online marketing.

Lindsey: My pleasure.

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