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Local Marketing Done Right

Want to know how to take your local business to the next level. Listen to this podcast where “Small Business Stacey” interviews Ryan from Tthe Gather Company, a local culinary services company in the Washington, DC area, on the great job that they are doing with their local marketing, what is working and what is not for them.

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Local marketing done right.

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Stacey: Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey. You know I’m a big proponent of local marketing. So today I want to share with you an example of a company that is doing it right. Today I have with me, Ryan from the Gather Company. Welcome, Ryan.

Ryan: Thank you.

Stacey: Tell us about you and your company.

Ryan: This is the Gather Company. We’re culinary services as we do personal chef services and catering and then as our side venture, we have stocked by the Gather Company which is fresh prepared meals.

Stacey: Yum and look at this. This stuff looks delicious. How did you get into this?

Ryan: We, my partner and I, have been in the food business for a long time and actually are personal chef clients asked if we could do some prepared meals for a little-bit less of a cost and maybe less of a portion as well.

Stacey: Interesting. I mean, it seems like you’re tapping into an unmet need out there, which is busy people. Small business owners are busy. They don’t really eat very well. This stuff looks healthy, nutritious. I guess you’re meeting an unmet need out there?

Ryan: I guess I’m trying to.

Stacey: Who’s the perfect client for you?

Ryan: Everyone. I mean, if you’re busy, and a family-

Local Marketing Done Right

Stacey: Who isn’t.

Ryan: More than one person, I suppose. You know, everybody wants a meal that’s made and when they come home from work they want something real and not just fast food.

Stacey: Absolutely.

Ryan: This is real fast food.

Stacey: When I was walking by the food, this really caught my attention and so I wanted to do a segment on this to show other small business owners that when you go out to an event like this, like a farmer’s market, it’s not just popping up a tent, here we are, we’re here. Kind of some business owners do that with their store. Build it and they will come.

So I want to share with you some examples that I thought that you did a really great job of doing. Number one is look at the display here. Instead of just having a printed menu of the different items that they have, they literally have real-life examples of what this looks like and it catches your attention when you walk by. So very well done.

Also, in front of them on a chalkboard is what it is in the price, but Ryan you’re using what I call scarcity marketing, which is a great strategy. This one says only one left. So it makes you, “Oh my God, I have to get it. I have to get it.” Right? Does that work for you?

Ryan: It does.

Stacey: It works for you. She also has these little-printed brochures which lays out the services, but she’s multi-purposing what she does. So not only is it meals, it’s a personal chef, prepared meals, catering, events, instruction, and edible gifts. So you’re not just delivering meals. You’re doing multi-things. You’re providing a solution to customers where they’re at.

What would you say is the most popular service that you do offer?

Ryan: Personal chef service and catering for sure.

Stacey: I can tell you catering is good.

Ryan: We do lots of small-scale catering, which a lot of big catering companies won’t do.

Stacey: Yeah.

Ryan: We hold dinner parties and things in people’s homes.

Stacey: There you go. That’s a good match.

Ryan: Yes it is.

Make a customer, not a sale.

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Stacey: Let me show you what else I thought Ryan was doing great. Down at the end here she has a sign-up sheet where people can leave their name and email because it’s all about building the list, right? And what do you do with the list once you have it?

Ryan: We send the menu out every Monday for people to pre-order because we only make a certain amount of pieces to sell at the market.

Stacey: That’s another good strategy. So she’s changing the menu every week. So nothing’s getting stale. Give people a reason to come back, right?

Ryan: We also put … we like to put three meats on the menu that are fan favorites.

Stacey: Love that. Okay. Another great thing Ryan has is a little box there where you can drop your business card. And what do you win?

Ryan: A free piece, a free meal.

Stacey: See, and that’s another great way for lead generation, right?

Ryan: Right.

Stacey: And one other thing I wanted to share, Ryan, that you’re doing a great job. In front here she has a chalkboard with all her social media platforms and it’s everybody’s on social, right?

Ryan: That’s right.

Stacey: What is your most popular social channel currently?

Ryan: Instagram and Facebook.

Local Marketing Done Right

Stacey: Instagram. It’s all about the food porn. Right?

Ryan: That’s right. Everybody likes the pictures.

Stacey: Great. Well, everybody this is a great example of local marketing done right. Ryan, any words you want to share with small business owners of what’s working for you when it comes to local marketing?

Ryan: Keep working at it. Find out what your-

Stacey: Never quit.

Ryan: Yeah, exactly. And find out where your clients live and what they react to and keep it up.

Stacey: That’s good advice.

Ryan: Thanks.

Stacey: Thanks for coming on with me, Ryan.

Ryan: Thank you.

Stacey: This is “Small Business Stacey”, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist here to help you get your marketing done and help you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz

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