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Marketing Pricing Strategies: A $400 Book???

In this weekly edition, I share marketing pricing strategies. Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: $400 for a text book? Here’s why I happily paid it: Download/Listen to Podcast:     Here’s

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psychology of pricing

The Psychology of Pricing

When I was going to college I wanted to major in psychology. My parents wouldn’t let me saying “Those guys are crazy (literally), we’re not paying for you to major in that.” So

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upgrade your marketing

[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: Upgrade Your Small Business Marketing

How did I add thousands of extra dollars to the bottom line of my coffee and smoothie business? Watch the video below to find out. Here’s the transcript: Alcohol. That’s what we’re talking

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small business marketing strategies

[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: Just Say “NO” – A Great Marketing Strategy

Two letters that scare small business owners – N – O. Whether it’s from prospects, customers, or clients, every small business owner I talk to doesn’t like that word. But it’s

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