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Anti-Advertising Marketing

Anti-Advertising Marketing Strategy

Anti-Advertising Marketing

If you’ve been doing online ads with little to show for it you need to watch this video where “Small Business Stacey” shares why you need an anti-advertising marketing strategy. #SmallBizMarketingWiz #ASmallBizLife

Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: Why You Need An Anti-Advertising Marketing Strategy

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You need revenue, and you need it fast. So you decide that you’re going to run an ad, and you stay up all night, crafting what you just know is the perfect ad. After all, it has your business name, your logo, that you’re the most convenient with the lowest price and the best quality, and you’ve been in business since 1431 B.C. You decide that you’re going to run this ad everywhere, online, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and offline. You’re going to put it in the newspaper, on TV, on radio. And so you place these ads, and you wait by the phone, and nobody calls and nobody emails, just crickets. And then you say marketing doesn’t work.

Well, I’m here to tell you marketing does work, but you need to take an anti-advertising marketing approach. You see, most small business owners who are running these ads, those ads are all about them. They’re so proud, it’s chest beating. But you see, those prospective customers, clients and patients don’t really care. When they’re on Facebook, they’re not there to buy anything. When they’re on Google, your ads have to be really honed in, and you have to have a pretty large ad budget to get people to respond.

Creative without strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.

Jef I. Richards 

Clients that come to work with me, at The Small Biz Marketing Specialist, I tell them that we are taking an anti-advertising marketing approach, because the first thing that we focus on is getting crystal clear on the “who”. When you know who your perfect customer, client and patient is, you don’t have to spend money advertising to them. When you create a message that resonates with them and gets them to raise their hands and say, “Yes, that’s me. You get me. I want to know more,” you don’t have to spend your money advertising. They will come to you. So I want you to take an anti-advertising marketing approach and instead focus in on your who, and deliver a message to them so that they will then come to you. And you can do that without advertising.

Leave me a comment below, what do you think about this anti-advertising marketing approach?

This is Small Business Stacey, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist here to help you get your marketing into action and help you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz.


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