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A Very Unmerry Holiday

A Very Unmerry Holiday

Really … I am truly disappointed … it’s the holidays already … but here’s the thing, I literally received only 1 card this year – and it was from one of my employees … and none from my vendors. The businesses I spend my hard-earned dollars with. Wake up out there … did we just fall off a marketing cliff? #SmallBusinessInterviews #SmallBusinessSuccessStories

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A very un-merry Christmas.

Hey, everybody. “Small Business Stacey.” Remember as kids, we would be so excited for those gifts that were wrapped underneath the tree? We just couldn’t wait to tear it open and see what was inside. Then, as adults, we would get excited for what would be in our mailbox, right? The pictures and the holiday cards. We would decorate our homes and post these all over the place to remind us of the special people in our lives.

I think this is becoming a pastime. This year, I got one holiday card. One holiday card in my mailbox, and it was actually from my employee Rachel, who did a great job of this aloha-themed holiday card, because Rachel moved to Hawaii. So, if you’re making the excuse, “I don’t have time. I’m too busy to do a holiday card, so I’m just going to send a text or an email or some little gift,” look, nobody had a more crazy year than Rachel. She moved to Hawaii and she had so much drama… a little bit personal, so I’m not going to share it here… but let me tell you, it was more than a soap opera could cover in a year’s worth of time. So, if Rachel can take the time to have a nice holiday card printed with her and her family’s pictures on it, you can do it, too.

Come, woo me, woo me; for now I am in holiday humor and like enough to consent.

William Shakespeare 

So, my message to you is, take advantage of the power of holiday cards and direct mail, because you know what? The mailbox is empty, so it’s a great way to get your message seen, read, and responded to.

I want to wish you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

This is Small Business Stacey, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist here to help you get your Marketing into Action and help you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz.


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