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7 Mistakes You DON'T WANT TO MAKE When Using Zoom For Business

7 Mistakes You DON’T WANT TO MAKE When Using Zoom For Business

There’s a right way and a wrong way (actually 7 wrong ways) to use Zoom for business. “Small Business Stacey” shares exactly what NOT to do so you can get more customers, clients and patients using Zoom.

Episode Transcript

Zoom … it doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey. We’re now in a world where you may not be able to meet your customers, clients, and patients face to face. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, no problem. I can just use Zoom.” Yes. You can just use Zoom, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to use Zoom. Especially if you want to build relationships, and more importantly, sell things online using Zoom.

Today I’m going to share with you the seven biggest mistakes not to make when using Zoom. Let’s get started.

Virtual Backdrops are a NO NO

Mistake number one is using one of those fake virtual backdrops, one of those new features that Zoom just added. Yeah, they can be really cute, but they’re not professional. They kind of distort your head and make you look like your hair is something from the ’80s. It doesn’t have good quality.

I had a client who put her logo kind of like mine, in a virtual backdrop and reached out and said, “I’m so excited. You can now go pitch me on shows and podcasts.” I was like, “No, not like that. That looks very unprofessional.” If you want to have a good looking appearance, invest in a professional backdrop. For a few hundred bucks, you can get one of these frames and your own logo and branding on cloth that you can then use that makes a great backdrop for Zoom meetings.

Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone (unless you really have to)

Mistake number two is thinking, “Oh, I’ll just pull it up on my phone. I can do Zoom meetings while I’m on the road.” Yes you can, but it doesn’t make the best experience for the user. When you schedule your Zoom meetings, do it on a computer. It works a lot better, and your customer, client, or patient who’s on the other end will have a much better experience.

Zoom For Business

Position Your Computer/Camera Correctly

Zoom mistake number three is not having the right computer positioning. So many times, I’ll see people come into a meeting and the computer, they’re looking up into the screen. Or they’re cut off. Their head’s here and there’s just too much white space above. You want your computer nicely positioned so you’re looking directly into the camera and you have enough headspace, but not too much headspace.

You Must Have Great Audio

Zoom mistake number four is audio. What’s the point of having a meeting and the person can’t hear you because you’re in a big room and it’s fuzzy and distorted? Make sure you use really good audio. I use an Audio-Technica external mic because this is just so easy, it’s compact, and it, more importantly, has the best audio quality.

Make Sure You Have Quality Lighting

Zoom mistake number five is lighting. If you’re going to be online, you want to make sure that you’re looking good even in a video presentation. So invest in good lighting. You may think, “Oh, I’ll just put my computer in front of a window with the sun shining in.” Well, what’s going to happen is, they’re not going to be able to see you because the light actually will drown you out. What you want is lighting from the front. What I do is I have these lightboxes that are sitting here in front of me right now, which, there you go. See it? I have front lighting. It puts the focus on me and doesn’t make me look washed out, so invest in having good lighting.

Close all your notifications

Zoom mistake number six is not closing your notifications. Have you ever been in one of those Zoom meetings and things are popping up and your phone is ringing and somebody just Skyped you? It’s disrespectful. Treat a Zoom meeting like you would any meeting in-person. You would turn off your phone. You would shut down your computer. You would be 100% focused on that customer, client, or patient. Well, you need to treat it the same way with Zoom. So close out all of those notifications so you and whoever you’re talking to is not distracted.

Test Before You Go Live

Zoom mistake number seven is not testing before you go live. Look, let’s face it. If you’re having a Zoom meeting, you’re on stage. Okay? So take the time to make sure that everything looks good. That you don’t have food in your teeth. That you have a glass of water handy. That you’ve tested your audio, your lighting, your setting. You have your notes in front of you. You are prepared and ready to go.

Now, I’ve learned these mistakes myself since we’ve come into a Zoom world, so don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Turn these around, put them into action and make Zoom your best friend. Your customers, clients, and patients will truly thank you for a great Zoom meeting. Have any other tips you would add to the list? I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment below.

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