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personalized mailings

The Power of Personalized Mailings

Want to learn how some people are crushing it with their marketing – bringing in new and repeat customers using personalized hard mailings? Listen to this interview with “Small Business Stacey”

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small biz marketing ideas for spring

Small Biz Marketing Ideas For Spring

Seems that when the weather’s cold, so too goes marketing – and sales. If you want to heat up sales, it’s time to come out of hibernation. I love creating marketing campaigns that revolve

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Small Business Interview

[Small Business Interview]: Bob Haywood – Hard Copy Cards

I received a “sweet package” in the mail that I was so impressed with that I had to bring the person who sent it to me onto my show so you can learn how you too can have “sweet”

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direct mail for small business

[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: A “Sweet” Direct Mail Package That Got My Attention

How do you get your prospects, customers, clients and patients attention? Check out this “sweet” package I got that did just that: Here’s the transcript: Welcome everybody, “Small

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small business marketing

The Power Of The P.S.

Remember when people wrote letters by hand and sent them through the postal service? I sure do. As a matter of fact, I used to love getting letters from friends I made at summer camp or my grandmother

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direct mail for small business

The Psychology of Why Direct Mail Works

As a kid getting mail was one of the most exciting things ever. It was never a pesky utility bill or jury duty summons – it was a flyer for summer camp, or a toy catalog you could flip through, or

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