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Digital Business Card – An Incredible Marketing Strategy

In this episode of Where Marketing Meets Technology, “Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave” discuss a very simple, inexpensive, but amazing marketing strategy that will help kickstart your sales immediately. Learn what a Digitial Business Card is and how to implement this strategy immediately. You will be kicking yourself on why you did not think of this simple marketing strategy previously. If you like our podcast please subscribe or leave us a review on iTunes.

What is the Digital Business Card [:29]

Why is the Digital Business Card so effective for Marketing [1:40]

Episode Transcript

Stacey: Hi, I’m “Small Business Stacey.”

Dave: I’m “Digital Dave.”

Stacey: Where marketing.

Dave: Meets technology. On today’s episode, we’re going to talking about something that was an idea passed to us at a meeting. It was so ingenious and so simple, and pretty much free. It’s the digital business card. If you have not done this yet, this is one of the most incredible marketing strategies that I’ve ever seen that nobody does.

Stacey: Well, show us, Digital Dave.

Dave: Well, the digital business card is nothing more than a business card that is an image that you load onto your phone. For instance, my son sells electric skateboards. He actually makes electric skateboards for people, and he sells them. He gets people just when he rides his board around. He gets all kinds of people asking him, “Oh my god, that is the coolest thing in the world. Where can I get that thing?” He’s like, “Well, I made this.”
They’re like, “Would you make me one?” There’s such a great opportunity for him to make money, especially as a poor, starving college student. I decided to make him a digital business card, which has been a huge success. What a digital business card is a business card that you carry on your phone as an image. You simply text it or email it to somebody. It looks something like this when they receive it. They’ll get this in the text or email, and they’ll click on it. Now, why is this so great? For a couple reasons I think. Stacey, why do you think this would be such a good marketing strategy?

Stacey: Well I know personally when I’m out and about, people will ask me for my business card. Sometimes, I know smack upside the head, but I don’t have one with me.

Dave: Even if you did have a paper business card with you, and you gave it to them, what do you think is going to happen to that card?

Stacey: I know what’s going to happen. It’s going to end up in the circular file.

Dave: Or it’s going to end up in a pile on their desk, which will never see the light of day again.

Stacey: Right.

Dave: A digital business card is ingenious for two reasons. One is to get it to the person, what do you first need to do?

Stacey: You’ve got to get their phone number and/or email so you can digitally send it to them.

Dave: You’re putting them on your list.

Stacey: Right.

Dave: Exactly.

Stacey: Number two, once it gets on their phone, either as a text message or as a email attachment, what would most people do with that? They’re probably going to save it to their phone, right?

Dave: Right, absolutely.

Stacey: Right. Once it’s saved to their phone digitally, that will stay on their phone probably forever; knowing if they’re anything like me. I never delete anything that’s digital. This is a very, very, very simple and powerful marketing strategy to get new clients and customers. It’s pretty much close to free. Go to Fiver, get somebody to design one for you for five dollars, and you’ve got a digital business card that costs you less than that huge stack of box of business cards that you get on the paper cards that people may actually keep and share with other people.

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