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What's In Your Techdeck?

What’s In Your Techdeck?

Are you struggling to manage your TechDeck? Yes, this is a new made-up word – well, kinda.  “Digital Dave” lays out what a TechDeck is, what’s in our TechDeck, and why it’s critical to manage for your organizational growth.  #ASmallBizLife #WhereMarketingMeetsTechnology

Hello everyone. It’s Digital Dave. Did you ever have one of those mornings where you just popped out of bed and knew you had to do something? Well, today’s one of those days for me. I literally popped out of bed and I knew I had to record a video on the term TechDeck.

So if you are really ready to get your business ready to prosper, you need to pay attention to the following tips for successfully managing your TechDeck. It’s spelled T E C H D E C K. And that’s all one word. And yes, TechDeck is a new buzz word for all the digital tools you use to run your business operations, marketing and finances. And you know, kind of the original word was tech deck, but we found the issue with that is the word associated with a very cool finger size skateboard that can be used for our stress relief, which I thought was awesome.

But the term TechDeck I think is really critical to the success of running your digital operations. And so what I wanted to do today is walk through our definition, and wanted walk through a few of the tools that we use to run a marketing agency. Just to give you an idea and I’ll show you a list, but that list has grown substantially since we put it together. But just to give you an idea, the breadth of technology or digital tools we need to use to run our business now. That is hard to say, for each and every business what your tech deck is going to look like. But what is really important and crucial is that you manage this, that you put together this list and that you review this list on a regular basis for two reasons.

One being does this technology really, or is it really the most efficient digital tools to run your business with? And you’ll find you go through it sometimes and you’re like, I don’t need this anymore. Or you know what? I’m missing something in this part of my business and I need something to fill the gap here to be more efficient. So it’s really, really important that you put together your TechDeck list and I’m going to start off by showing you our tech desk tech deck list short briefly. So this is some of the tools that we use to run our marketing agency. And you can see that there’s quite a few here. This is really far short of what we use and these have changed a lot over the last year and a half to two years when we originally put this list together.

GiD SBMS digital tools

But the reason I popped out of bed and wanted to do this as I realize we need to review this, it’s now to the end of the year, it’s time for our new year’s resolutions. And one of the things that I have on my list for next year is to be a lot more cognizant of managing the TechDeck that we use. From an efficiency/use perspective and also from the money perspective. And you need to do the same.

Now I’m going to just show you a couple of the tools really quickly off this list that we use that are the core of our business. These are the things that we have to have and use every day to manage our business. And one of those is Teamwork (click here if you want to learn more) and I’m not going to go in depth into what Teamwork does or is, but teamwork is our project management system and it allows us to communicate with our clients. You know, manage their tasks and their projects and be able to respond to them in a timely basis and get the work done.

The purpose of technology is not to confuse the brain but to serve the body.

William S. Burroughs 

So you can, briefly see, this short list of not all the clients, but this is a short list of our top of our list of clients and, and how we manage our client’s workflows. Very critical. Now there’s a communication piece and a lot of people use a lot of different tools. We use Slack and our Slack is actually integrated with our Teamwork so that we can communicate internally with Slack, create manage tasks with Slack and at the same time be able to, obviously communicate with our clients on a quick basis. Now we don’t use this for everything and all communications, but it is really core to our internal communications and is somewhat use for external communications with some clients. It just depends.

Now the third tool I’m going to show quickly that I have to use on a regular basis is some type of image editing software and there’s a lot of them out there. Yes, we use Adobe Photoshop, but for a lot of the images I just need to make some really quick adjustments to them and really I use two tools for that. I use SnagIt, which I’ve done many videos on Snagit before. It’s a wonderful tool for screenshotting and marking up images quickly for documentation purposes and for quick editing of images.

I use Paint.net and this is actually a free program. It’s free for now. It may change over time, but it’s a free program. It’s a Microsoft based program Paint.net and you can get that off the internet by downloading it, but it gives you basic video or, excuse me, image editing capabilities for quick type of things. If I’m going to do some significant editing or creating of images, I’ll use Photoshop. But I use this for some quick editing.

digital tool

So again, the important thing here is the word TechDeck, T. E. C. H. D. E. C. K.  and yes, we have coined this term. We have made it up, but you know what? It’s going to stick because everybody has one. Everybody needs to manage it. And this is Digital Dave, so it is my role here to make sure that we are managing our TechDeck as efficiently as possible. And so should you. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with us, have a great day signing off. Talk to you soon.

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