Marketing Lessons Learned From A Funeral Part 3 | Small Biz Marketing Specialist
Marketing Lessons Learned From A Funeral Part 3

Marketing Lessons Learned From A Funeral Part 3

Marketing Lessons Learned From A Funeral Part 3

How do you appreciate and recognize your customers, clients and patients? “Small Business Stacey” shares her marketing lessons learned at a funeral and how to ensure you’re not living in regret. #SmallBizMarketingWiz #ASmallBizLife

Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: Marketing Lessons Learned From A Funeral Part 3

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Letting people know how much you really love and appreciate them, marketing lessons learned from a funeral.

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Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey here. If you’ve been following my posts you know that I was out last week attending the funeral of a loved one. I find it so interesting why it takes a funeral to bring people together to show and talk about how much they love and appreciate somebody. Why does it have to take the death of somebody to do that? The people who are there seem to live in regret. “I wish I had done this. I wish I had told them this. I wish I had done something,” right? I don’t want you to live in regret.

The first marketing lesson is to tell the people that you love right now how much you appreciate them. Whether that’s in your personal life or your business life, your customers, your clients, your patients. Now, at my aunt’s funeral, she was actually the linchpin who held this family together. This room was full of people who weren’t mourning her life, they were actually celebrating her life because she knew how to appreciate them. It was really just truly amazing. She had a really large family, I don’t even know the exact numbers. I know she had five kids, something like 22 grandkids, and 10 great-grandchildren, just an amazingly large family.

Here’s the thing, she knew how to love and appreciate every single one of them. She wrote handwritten notes for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and she never missed it ever. I know that I always got handwritten notes, and everyone in my family got handwritten notes. At the funeral that was the main theme, how she loved, and appreciated, and recognized everybody with these handwritten notes. Everyone talked about how in the bottom right-hand corner she wrote the word ‘peace,’ that was like her personal mantra. Yesterday I talked about what do you want to be remembered for? Of course, she’s going to be remembered for all of these handwritten notes.

Now, in your business how are you showing your love to your customers, clients, and patients? This is what makes small business great. You know when Harriet hasn’t shown up in the store for a while, you know when George is struggling with cancer, you know when Barbara has something happening in her family life that you could celebrate. Take the time to celebrate and recognize, and appreciate your customers, clients, and patients. I am such a proponent of the handwritten note. To me, there’s nothing more powerful than that.

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The lesson I’ve learned from this funeral is, although I do do that, I’m going to even make more of a concerted effort to write handwritten notes, I have time blocked off in my calendar to do it, and I’m going to take a lesson learned from my beloved aunt of expanding on her little mantra of writing the word ‘peace’ in the bottom right-hand corner, my mantra is peace, love, prosperity because that’s truly what I want for everyone in my personal life and my business life.

How about you? What lessons did you learn today, and how can you show your love not only to your family, but your customers, clients, and patients so that you are celebrated every single day, and there is never an ounce of regret when you come to the end of your time? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

This is Small Business Stacey, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist here to help you get your marketing into action and help you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz.


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