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Is Lack of Sleep Hurting Your Business Performance?

In our current ultra-connected and hyper-active world, it’s no surprise that many of us are not getting enough sleep. In fact, in a sample of over 180 business leaders, researchers found that four out of every ten participants did not get enough sleep at least four nights per week.

Many believe that we can sleep when we’re dead (or retired), but sleep deficiencies actually have the potential to undermine necessary skills and functions that we need to perform successfully at work and in our general lives. Below is a list of some of the most crucial key performance indicators that are being weakened when we don’t get enough sleep.


We should be sleeping at least seven to eight hours every night, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Unfortunately, most business leaders and owners are getting less than this, and although an extra hour of sleep may seem unnecessary, it actually is extremely critical when considering productivity. Not sleeping enough not only hurts your focus capabilities, but it also decreases creative capacities and the motivation to learn new skills.


Have you ever felt grumpy and overly-sensitive when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before? That’s because duration and quality of sleep have a huge impact on your mood and feelings. When we feel irritable at work, it can prove to be a challenge to overcome within the organizational environment. Studies have shown that when workers are tired, interpersonal aspects of their business position proved to be especially difficult.

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When lack of sleep becomes an issue in the workplace, it can put an extra strain on key relationships throughout the organization and can even make the environment feel more hostile and unwelcoming, which is never good for collaborative teamwork.


The less sleep we get, the less motivated and engaged we will be in our work. In fact, a recent study found that 96% of senior leaders were experiencing at least some degree of burnout due to lack of sleep and stress. In addition to this, poor sleep is also connected and is a major predictor of reduced engagement at work.

Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep:

  1. Create a Room Optimized for Comfort – If you feel like your mattresses and pillows are no longer comfortable, they may have exceeded their life expectancy – about 7-10 years depending on the quality. Be sure to find a mattress that is ideal for your body and sleeping type to optimize the quality and amount of sleep that you get.
  2. Wind-Down Routine – Find a routine that works for you to decrease the stress in your body and the wandering thoughts in your mind. One of the biggest reasons for not getting enough sleep at night is feeling stressed and not letting our minds rest. Consider taking 10 minutes before bed to meditate or just relax to settle your mind and even your breathing.
  3. Turn off Distractions – Remind yourself that your bed should be your place of sleep, and not much else. Surfing the web or scrolling through your phone while in bed will result in a distracted mind and will lead to further difficulties in falling asleep.

Are you finding yourself working more and sleeping less? What strategies do you use to get a better night’s sleep? Leave a comment below.

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