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Google My Business - How Are You Being Found?

Google My Business – How Are You Being Found?

Google My Business – How Are You Being Found?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what words people were searching for to find your business in a local search? “Small Business Stacey” shares a brand new update that does this. #SmallBizMarketingWiz #ASmallBizLife

Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: Google My Business – How Are You Being Found?

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Do you know how people are finding you online?

If you run a local business, you know it’s critical to get found online. And where are people going to do that? Hmm. This six letter word, Google, either on the computer or on this, your phone. But what if you knew what words people were using to find you? Well, there is a new addition to Google My Business that allows you to do this. It’s so new that many businesses don’t even have it yet. My coffee and smoothie business doesn’t, but one of my clients, a dessert shop, does, so I want to show you how it works.

What you’re gonna want to do is log in to your Google My Business account, and if you have this, it will be under Insights. And here you can see the words, the queries, what people are typing in to find you online. So for example, in this case, my client, their dessert shop is called Dolce and Bean, and you can find that the words that people are searching for are coffee, and they do sell coffee. Interestingly enough, Dolce and Gabbana, people are searching for their name, and Dolce Gabbana.

Media used to be one way. Everyone else in the world just had to listen. Now the internet is allowing what used to be a monologue to become a dialogue. I think that’s healthy.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

So how can you use this information? I have three ideas for you. One is to really focus on the keyword density, making sure that these popular keywords that people are using to find you, make sure that they are on the homepage of your website. Two, I would use these keywords in posts, especially on Google My Business, so as you’re adding new posts and creating new content for your website, focus on these keywords. Even something like Dolce and Gabbana, this client could use that to their advantage, being that this is a luxury brand, and they sell sort of luxury gourmet desserts, so they could tie something in like, “Dolce and Gabbana? Well, if you want luxury desserts, then come to Dolce and Bean.”

The third way to use this data is in your ads, because if you’re advertising online with Google Ads, you know what words people are using to find you. So those are three great strategies of how you can use the data of Google My Business Insights.

This is “Small Business Stacey”, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist, here to help you get your marketing into action and help you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz.


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Stacey Riska, aka "Small Business Stacey" is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about saving small - and not so small - businesses one marketing plan at a time. She helps business owners become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz by teaching them marketing strategies that get MORE: MORE leads, MORE customers/clients/patients, MORE sales, and MORE profit. Stacey's in-demand "Small Biz Marketing Success Coaching and Mastermind Program" is transforming the businesses - and lives - of those who want wealth, freedom, and market domination. Her highly acclaimed book "Small Business Marketing Made EZ" lays out the 6-simple-step plan to get your marketing into ACTION - literally and figuratively. Stacey is also the creator of Cups To Gallons, the place where independent coffee, smoothie, juice bar, ice cream, dessert and snack shop owners go to learn how get into lucrative catering so they stop selling by the cup and start selling by the gallon. In this program she teaches from experience, as it was the key strategy that transformed her coffee and smoothie business from being $500K in debt to a 7-figure profitable business. When not saving the small business world, she enjoys sipping red wine, eating chocolate (who doesn't!) and spending time with her amazing husband.

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  • Cath Cox says:

    Thanks for this, Stacey! The key words should be included in the page titles and descriptions of each page (in addition to the homepage content) for maximum impact.

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