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8 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Small Business Owners

Are you stuck for ideas about how to show how much you love your customers, clients, or patients on Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas that will help your small business show your love while also getting more sales and more money on this loving holiday. These ideas will pretty much sell themselves, and help grow your business too!

1.     Flower it up… add a little Valentine’s Day flavor to your normal packages and market them as Valentine’s Day specials. Let’s say you’re a pizza shop. You could add ‘romance’ with heart shaped pizzas, toppings in the name of that special loved one, chocolate, champagne (sparkling juice or another special drink will work too) or flowers. You could have a musician come around and play music at all of your tables. Rename the items on your menu to suit the occasion.

2.     Join up with other local businesses – like restaurants, florists, hotels and bars. Partner up with a select few venues and you could offer the “Ultimate Romance” package – so customers could start the evening with a massage and a bouquet, then go to the restaurant for a romantic meal.

3.     Instead of just offering products and services just for couples, why not offer a class to couples? Set a romantic scene for a Valentine’s Day class for whatever it is you do, open it to a select few happy couples and teach them the basic techniques. Lay on extras like free food and drink and watch the class fill up.

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4.     Not everyone has the time to come in to your business on Valentine’s, so offer them a selection of products or services to take away or gift a partner instead. Gift baskets, gift cards, items that can be customized all make loving memorable gifts. Bonus points for including return specials to get them to visit you again.

5.     Offer a Buy One Get One Half Price deal – anyone who purchases one of your products or services on (or before) Valentine’s Day gets a coupon for half price on another product or service that can be used at a later date.

Did you know that the that there are around 105 million unmarried people in America aged 18 years old and older? They may be in relationships, but that still means there are plenty of single people out there with disposable income, just waiting for an excuse to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a few ideas for the single ladies (and gents).

1.     Host a Ladies’ Night for singles, and feature short head and shoulder massages, hand or feet massages, makeovers, mini facials, plus: strawberries, chocolates and pink champagne. Give each client a rose too…

2.     Don’t forget the men, either. Host a Single Guys Night, with 30-minute sports massages. Showcase all the men’s products and perhaps offer beer tastings.

3.     Set up a ‘Try Something Different’ evening where people can come to your location, try something new that you’ll be introducing (or perhaps something that most customers, clients or patients aren’t even aware you offer) and possibly even meet someone new.

With a little imagination you can create great specials for both couples and singles! What are you going to do to spread the love on Valentine’s Day?

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