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8 Productivity Hazards Small Business Owners Need To Avoid

Small businesses are on the rise but achieving success in your small business takes time and lots of hard work. Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom who is looking to make a great living from home or an entrepreneur starting your first enterprise, productivity is one of the keys to your success. As a small business owner, you will quickly find that motivation, prioritization, time management, and even sleep are significant in achieving the productivity needed to reach your small business goals. With that in mind here are the eight productivity hazards all small business owners should avoid.

Failure to Plan

This isn’t about your business plan or your small business goals, though they are important. This is about planning each day and working toward accomplishing all those small goals included in your daily plan. Planning helps you accomplish goals but also works as a tool to keep you on track, in spite of distractions.

Not Prioritizing Your Health

Your health and wellness are tied inextricably to your small business, so it is important to make your health a priority. Higher productivity is linked to healthful nutrition, exercise, and plenty of quality rest.


Whether you are the sole employee in your small business or have a team to support you, it is easy to get distracted by conversations, social media, or the latest movie. Learning to focus and avoiding unnecessary interruptions will enhance your productivity and improve your opportunities for success.

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Unorganized Workspace

Creating an organized and comfortable is the best way to increase your productivity. It’s important for small business owners to be mindful of their work environment—especially for those operating their business out of their home. Investing in a cheap home warranty can help you make sure your home and your office are in top condition for operating a business.

Lack of Automation

Small business owners often have their hand in every aspect of their business. Increase your efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive tasks like appointment scheduling, reminder emails, follow-ups, and even customer targeting. You’ll save time and money by getting tasks done quickly and effectively – automatically.

Saying “Yes”

While saying “yes” is important to productivity, saying “no” may be even more effective. As your business grows, so do opportunities to say “yes.” While you may be tempted to say “yes” to every opportunity, doing so can cause distractions, and spread you to thin. Keep focused on the main goals of your business to be the most productive.

Not Identifying Your Target

To create a successful business is first identifying your target customer. Market research can help you know your target and develop the marketing approach needed to attract the desired customers to your business. It will also ensure your customers get the ideal experience and keep coming back for more.

Fear of Asking for Help

Never be afraid to ask for assistance or even outsource tasks when necessary. If you have a team working alongside you in your small business, you need to delegate to those best equipped to handle the task. If you are the sole employee in your small business, outsourcing tasks to which you are not an expert can mean significantly increasing productivity and lead toward greater success.


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