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3 Examples of Great Marketing Made EZ

3 Examples of Great Marketing Made EZ

3 Examples of Great Marketing Made EZ

“Small Business Stacey” goes through her ACTION system showcasing 3 small businesses that are great examples of what Stacey teaches in her book “Small Business Marketing Made EZ“#SmallBizMarketingWiz #ASmallBizLife

Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less: 3 Examples of Great Marketing Made EZ

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Three examples of marketing that’s been put into action literally and figuratively.

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Hey, everybody. Small Business Stacey. Have you got a copy of my book yet? Small Business Marketing Made EZ. A lot of small business owners all around the world have been diving into this book and contacting me, giving me examples of how they are putting their marketing into ACTION literally and figuratively. The ACTION system is an acronym that stands for getting your marketing into ACTION literally and figuratively. Let me share these three examples so you can see how it works.

The A is for attention and I want to recognize Stacey Franco of 42Wellness.com who really took advantage of this step in the ACTION system. I met Stacey at a business meeting in Indiana where I was actually giving a presentation on small business marketing. And she came up to me afterwards and she wanted to get a copy of the book and learn more about my Done For You marketing services. Well, as we were talking, it just so happened that she mentioned that one of her businesses was a celiac bakery. Well, ding, ding, ding … She got my attention because Digital Dave is gluten-free. So, great job, Stacey, on getting attention. She leveraged that and she said, “I’ll send you some samples.”

So, I thought, “Oh, I’ll get a cookie or a piece of bread or something from her bakery.” Well, a few days later, she took advantage of the next step in the ACTION system. C for connections. Stacey sent more than just a cookie or a piece of bread. Check out all of these things she sent. This box was full of stuff and she really leveraged the power of C, connecting, by writing a personal note and including a lot of great examples in here that, of course, I’m so excited to use and, by the way, this is really great stuff that I will be ordering. So, a shout out to Stacey at 42Wellness.com for really leveraging the power of the ACTION system.

3 Examples of Great Marketing Made EZ

The next two letters in the ACTION system, I want to recognize Kevin Donlin of Marketing Multipliers. The T stands for transactions and this is where a lot of small business owners think, “Yeah! I get to make the sale,” but Kevin knows that it’s not about necessarily making a monetary sale, it’s about staying front of mind and meeting the customer where they are in the journey with you. So, Kevin shows up every single month in my mailbox and he’s not directly asking for a sale, he’s always providing valuable tools and information on how to help with marketing.

So, the next step in the action system is I for invest and this is where Kevin really shines because look what Kevin sent me. This is like a waterproof notepad. This cost some money, plus the cost of sending the lumpy mail. This is a pretty unique product and he sent a great cover letter with it that explained how and why he uses this because when he wakes up in the morning he always has these great ideas but he’s in the shower, and how are you going to write it down? Well, that’s what this tool does. So, Kevin, thanks for doing that and thanks for sharing. I’m going to share it with my community, MarketingMultipliers.com.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci 

The next two steps in the ACTION system, I want to recognize Bob Haywood of Hard Copy Cards. The O in the ACTION system stands for ongoing and Bob definitely gets ongoing marketing. He is continually showing up, always providing helpful information, guidance, on sending out cards. So look what I got in the mail, which takes advantage of the N in the ACTION system, nurture. And Bob is brilliant at this. He took a picture of the bookmark that I included with my book that I sent him, and look at this, a picture of him reading the book. And hey, he didn’t even fall asleep. Now Bob did a great job of nurturing because he’s staying front of mind, he’s not necessarily selling me anything, but this is going to get rave reviews, I’m going to give him a testimonial, and I encourage you to check out Bob at HardCopyCards.com.

So, these are three great examples of how you can implement the ACTION system in your marketing. What are you going to do to put your marketing into ACTION? I’d love to get a sample, maybe feature you on my show, but at least leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re going to do.


This is “Small Business Stacey”, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist, here to help you get your marketing into action and help you become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz.


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Stacey Riska, aka "Small Business Stacey" is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about saving small business and rebuilding Main Street. She helps small and local business owners become a #SmallBizMarketingWiz by teaching them marketing strategies that get MORE: MORE leads, MORE customers/clients/patients, MORE sales, and MORE money. Stacey is the founder of Small Biz Marketing Specialist, THE go-to place for marketing tips, techniques and strategies that get results. She's also the author of "Small Business Marketing Made EZ" where she shares the 6-simple-step plan to get your marketing into ACTION - literally and figuratively. Stacey is also the creator of the Daily Deals for Massive Profits, an online video training program that teaches small and local business owners how to use daily deal sites like Groupon to skyrocket their business growth and get massive profits. In this program she teaches from experience, as it was the key strategy that transformed her coffee and smoothie business from being $500K in debt to a 7-figure profitable business. When not saving the small business world, she enjoys sipping red wine, eating chocolate (who doesn't!) and spending time with her amazing husband.

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