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Email Marketing Strategies That Get Emails Opened and Read

Nothing at all happens until the email gets opened. If your emails aren’t getting opened, then you’ll want to make sure you implement these email strategies, hacks, tips and tricks.

It all starts with the subject line. That’s the first thing the reader is going to see. They’re going to make a split-second decision “should I open or not?”

The best way to make sure that your emails get open is to find some proven subject line templates and use those. No need to start from scratch. After all, if it’s worked before for other people, it’ll probably work for you too. In some cases, you will need to do some tweaking. But most of the time, you can just use them as they are.

There are four proven categories for subject lines:

Blind or Curiosity Based Subject Lines

Here’s an example: Less ________ equals more sales.

That is very curiosity based. Less what? You have to open that email. Remember, the job of the subject line is only to sell the open.

Many small business owners create their subject lines to sell. No one wants to be sold to.

Subject lines sell the open. The body of the email sells the click.

Odd numbers, big numbers fuel curiosity. For example: “$17,426 more sales with boomerang trick”  That one hints at the benefit. You get more sales, but you still don’t know what the heck a boomerang trick is.

I see too many small business owners round up their numbers in email subject lines, because that’s what we’re taught to do. That’s the opposite of what you should do in email marketing. Don’t round up, be specific. People call BS when they see a round number. If that said $17,500, it wouldn’t work as well. There’s something that catches our eye on odd numbers, so don’t fall into the trap of rounding up because you’ve been taught to.

Direct or Benefit Based Subject Lines

Benefit based subject lines answer “What’s in it for me? What do I have to gain?”

These are a more transparent, and you can add a bit of curiosity to them.

Example: “Facebook ads get more clicks”

You know what you’re going to find out if you open that email.

Urgency or Scarcity Based Subject Lines

These are pretty self-explanatory. It’s letting the reader know they’re about to miss out. No one wants to miss out.

Example: “85% off sale ends at midnight”

Proof Results or Credibility Based Subject Lines

These types of email subject lines are all about showing what people can achieve with what you’re offering them. Numbers, claims, stories about people . . . that’s really what you want to get to.

Example: “Case study: Mom of two makes $10K in four days”

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