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The Power of Personalized Mailings

Want to learn how some people are crushing it with their marketing – bringing in new and repeat customers using personalized hard mailings? Listen to this interview with “Small Business Stacey” and Mike Schnitzius from MailShakes.com discuss how to get your mailings read and into to peoples “A” pile. (NOTE: If you struggle with figuring out […]

small biz marketing ideas for spring

Small Biz Marketing Ideas For Spring

Seems that when the weather’s cold, so too goes marketing – and sales. If you want to heat up sales, it’s time to come out of hibernation. I love creating marketing campaigns that revolve around holidays. Here are some marketing ideas that are great to get your business going in April: World Health Day | April […]

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[Marketing In 2 Minutes Or Less]: A “Sweet” Direct Mail Package That Got My Attention

How do you get your prospects, customers, clients and patients attention? Check out this “sweet” package I got that did just that: Here’s the transcript: Welcome everybody, “Small Business Stacey” here and as you know I’m always talking about how to get your mail into the “A pile”, the pile that when you go to […]